Pro-American coup in Turkey


A coup attempt has taken place in Turkey.

At this moment the fate of the country is being decided. A military group occupied the state television building where they transmitted message of seizing power. According to the military, they are holding hostage commander-in-chief  and the government was also arrested. Earlier, Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim made a statement that the attempt of the rebellion has failed.

In a Skype, which was broadcast on the air of CNN Turk, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused the supporters of Islamist leader Fetullah Gülen in the organization of the coup. Fetullah Gülen is residing in the United States, and cooperating with US intelligence agencies. Erdogan urged people to go out to the streets and prevent the coup. Where is Erdogan himself is currently unknown. Meanwhile, military helicopters attacked the presidential quarter in Ankara. In Ankara and Istanbul and other major cities, people go out  to the streets, trying to stop the military vehicles.

However, judging by the tanks in all cities of the country the coup has the potential to end in the military's victory. While not reported exactly who led the coup. Military answered that they intend to restore democratic rights and freedoms. Open liberal rhetoric is the evidence in favor of the coup's Atlanticist orientation.

Washington's Hand

The military coup has obvious geopolitical implications. It comes after a sharp reversal in the direction of the relations of Turkey and Russia and changes on the Syrian issue made by the country's leaders . On last eve Binali Yildirim said that Turkey intends to restore relations with official Damascus. In essence, this would mean a radical change of the whole geopolitical situation on the Syrian issue and the collapse of the US strategy in the region. Before that Erdogan removed Ahmet Davutoglu from the country's leadership.  US realized that Erdogan decided to change the geopolitical course. United States decided to act and use their networks of influence in military circles, to initiate a coup.
We should expect reprisals against both the opposition, in favor of strengthening ties with Russia and Syria, as well as functionaries of the ruling party "Justice and Development". The pro-Russian course will be frozen.