The Prime Minister of India goes to Africa


On the agenda: visiting Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania

India's "soft power" against the Chinese one

This unprecedented tour of Narendra Modi will be an attempt to establish the economic impact on African countries that are rich in natural resources. China is ahead of India in its influence and projects in Africa. Last year alone, China's trade turnover with African countries exceeded $200 billion.

Earlier, India signed an agreement with Iran on investments in the port near the border with Pakistan.The Pakistani port of Gwadar is under Chinese control. Given the Pakistani-Indian tensions with Iran, the project clearly has the nature of a geo-strategic confrontation.

Africa is home to 1.3 million Indians, and work with the diaspora is always carefully taken into account by New Delhi in diplomatic relations.

Background of BRICS

It should be noted that both India and China use other approaches than the West and international organizations such as the IMF. In addition, South Africa is an active partner of India in this club. Bilateral trade in the last year exceeded $6 billion. Changing the balance of the role of members of BRICS in the international arena due to complex projects in the future can lead to reformatting the global discourse.

Washington's intervention

Recently, the United States tries to speed up work on the Indian path. Modi recently visited Washington, where he signed a variety of agreements, including the transfer of military technology in India.

New Delhi justifies such an approach as a multilateral partnership. But this ambiguous position of the Indian leadership is viewed cautiously both in China and in Russia.