Poroshenko to beg Merkel for help


On Monday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko will hold talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

Last chance

Petro Poroshenko is searching for help from Angela Merkel as his last hope. The Ukrainian leader is on the verge of completely losing his power following a scandal surrounding compromising documents released by the fugitive Ukrainian oligarch Alexander Onishchenko.

The last blow was the decision made at the last EU summit in December 2016, which decided that Ukraine will not receive any military assistance or additional funding from the European Union, nor will its citizens gain the right to reside and work in the EU. Kiev should also forget about its candidate status for EU membership.

Now, Poroshenko will beg for financial help for military needs in Donbass and will try to negotiate new talks over the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement and the prospects of visa-free travel to European Union countries for Ukrainian citizens.

The Trump factor

The visit will follow a telephone conversation between the German leader and U.S. President Donald Trump.

Trump's admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin and stated desire to improve bilateral ties have stoked fears in Kiev that international pressure on Russia could waver.

It is obvious that, after becoming president, Donald Trump will change US policy towards Russia and Eastern Europe. The EU, and especially Eurosceptics, have long since come to understand that the problems of Ukraine and other post-Soviet states falling in Russia’s zone of geopolitical influence cannot be solved without Moscow.