Polish special services launch reprisals against NATO opponents

A witch hunt is in full swing in Poland. The country’s repressive organs have arrested the well-known politician and leader of the party Zmiana (Change), Mateusz Piskorski. Piskorski was charged with spying for “third countries” as pro-government media accused him of working for Russian and Chinese intelligence services. Piskorski’s arrest followed his warning that the Polish government is “cleaning” the political space of the country of unwanted elements in the run-up to the NATO summit in Warsaw to be held on July 8th-9th, 2016. The members of the Change party are currently being searched. The Polish Internal Security Agency has seized the documents, personal computers, and cell phones of party members.

Left and right against liberalism

Mateusz Piskorski, former deputy of the Polish Sejm for the party “Self-Defense of the Republic of Poland”, founded Zmiana in 2015. The backbone of the party consists of activists from both left and right-wing anti-liberal political structures who decided to act together against liberal hegemony in support of traditional values, Polish national identity, and social justice. Piskorski’s party managed to transcend the “left-right” division and establish a consolidated anti-liberal political force. Undoubtedly, one of the purposes of the repression against Zmiana was destroying this dangerous ideological enemy of the pseudo-conservatives of the ruling Law and Justice party.

Anti-Atlanticist party

Another reason for the repression against Zmiana is its anti-Atlanticist geopolitical position. The party and its leader are in favor of the restoration of Poland's sovereignty, stand against the Republic of Poland's membership in NATO, and have criticized the transformation of the country into an American colony which is being dragged into a possible confrontation with Russia. Piskorski and fellow activists visited Russian Crimea, where they participated as observers of the referendum on Crimea’s self-determination, and supported the peoples republics of Donbass against the Bandera regime in Kiev. Mateusz Piskorski is one of the leaders of the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis, a Euro-continentalist think thank.

Other repressions

Zmiana is not the only anti-Atlanticist structure which has endured repressions in Poland. Recently, anti-NATO activists of the Communist Party of Poland and the Grunwald Patriotic Workers’ Union were sentenced to “restricted liberty” for the “promotion of totalitarianism.” The repressions ongoing against Zmiana are mass-scale and grotesque, and simultaneously remind one of the political processes of totalitarian regimes from the ’30’s of the last century or the American witch hunt of the 1950’s.

Preparing for war

Poland has been transformed into a frontline for the NATO-Russia confrontation. An additional contingent of NATO troops has been deployed to the country and part of the US missile defense system’s launchers, which can be used to house medium-range, nuclear-warhead missiles aimed at Russia, is planned to be placed in Poland. From the point of view of US strategists, Poles are expected to ensure the strengthening of American influence in Belarus and Ukraine. NATO military analysis are not embarrassed to talk about a possible military confrontation between NATO and Russia in which Poland would take part. The totalitarian repression against anti-Atlanticist forces in Poland anticipates the West’s further deterioration of relations with Russia. The chances of a new conflict (either a hybrid war or direct military clashes) on the territory of Ukraine or in the northwest of Russia have been evaluated as very high.