Poland closes borders


Restrictive measures were introduced on the eve of the NATO Summit in the Republic of Poland



On July 4th, the local border traffic regime with Kaliningrad and Ukraine was changed, and temporary controls at the borders with the countries of the Schengen zone was introduced.

The measures were taken for the upcoming July 8th-9th NATO summit to be held in Warsaw. The date of resumption of a standard access control has not been reported.


Restriction for aviation

From 7th until July 10th, restrictions on aviation will be introduced too. Small aircraft are banned from flying within a radius of 100km from Warsaw, and some large airliners will have to change course if it goes over the center of the capital.


Institutional fear

Against whom such measures were introduced was not reported. We can assume that the NATO leadership is afraid of protests at the summit, as most citizens in many NATO countries are not happy with 1) any increase in defense spending that is done at the expense of cuts in social programs, and 2) course of confrontation with Russia.