Obama’s Lies and Israeli Pressure: New Revelations of the US elections


The website WikiLeaks has posted for public access another part of the letters of John Podesta, the head of the electoral headquarters of US Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. At the moment, the total number of published letters has exceeded 31 thousand.

Obama caught lying

The new batch of letters sheds light on criminal negligence in the upper echelons of American power. For example, Barack Obama knew that former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used a private email server for official correspondence before the publication of this information in the press.

The former head of Clinton’s office, Shereen Mills, revealed this in a message to members of Clinton's election campaign in March 2015.

Shortly after this revelation, Obama claimed that he learned about Clinton’s server from media reports.

Israeli trail

In addition, the released letters have revealed that the largest sponsor of the Democratic Party, billionaire Haim Saban, urged Clinton to dissociate herself from the position of Barack Obama on Israel, not by criticizing the current US president, but by emphasizing the "special friendly attitude” of the presidential candidate towards Tel Aviv. This can be considered direct interference and pressure by an external power in the presidential race in the United States, which is prohibited by US laws.

"Russian threat"

The American establishment has declared a real war on the site WikiLeaks. For example, former United States Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul called the resource WikiLeaks “a foreign agent, supported by Russia."

He believes that a number of his colleagues are afraid to criticize Wikileaks out of fear of being hacked by the organization’s so-called "suppliers". Any publications on the site are highlighted and broadcasted across all major US TV channels.