Obama tries to prevent terrorist defeat in Aleppo


Obama has accused Russia of disrupting the ceasefire in Syria. According to the American President speaking yesterday at the Pentagon, he cannot trust Russia since it continues to assist official Damascus in destroying the terrorists in Aleppo. Obama has blamed the failure of the truce on Moscow.

Forcing Moscow to surrender positions

At the same time, the US President has left himself room to maneuver, saying that he is ready to cooperate with Moscow if it will fulfill all the demands of Washington. Obama said he would "check" whether Moscow can exert the desired pressure on Assad. The purpose of this "cooperation" would be the fight against ISIS.

The meaning of the battle for Aleppo

The Battle for Aleppo is entering its decisive stage. Currently, the part of the city controlled by the militants is surrounded. Russia has organized a humanitarian corridor for civilians to exit. This type of operation is usually followed by an assault on the city, which the US fears will destroy the nests of terrorists in Aleppo. Assad-loyal forces taking the second largest city in the country and the economic heart of Syria would mean a radical change in the course of the war. In fact, after the capture of Aleppo, only two major forces would remain in Syria - official Damascus and ISIS. This would mean the collapse of the efforts of the West and the Wahabbi Persian Gulf monarchies to realize regime change in Syria, since ISIS will be left as the only real alternative to Assad.