North Korea Nuclear Test conducted


This is the fifth test of a nuclear warhead in North Korea, since it began its testing program. It created an earthquake which registered as a 5 on the Richter scale.

Technological breakthrough

Major efforts have been made in successfully seeing through North Korea's transition to a qualitatively new level in the development of nuclear weapons.

North Korea wants to design warheads that are more compact, lighter and more powerful. This allows them to be placed on smaller missiles which themselves are lighter or have a shorter range.

Anxiety among neighbors

The first country which  responded was South Korea, and the president immediately registered his complaints to the United States. In an official statement released by the South Korean authorities, it said that "standardization of nuclear warheads would allow North Korea to create any number of compact nuclear weapons."

The Chinese authorities reported that it began radiological monitoring of the aftermath, and Japan sent aircraft for air sampling. According to Beijing, the power of the explosion was 10 kilotons.

Pyongyang said that there was no radioactive leak after the explosion.

Sanctions and sovereignty

Although North Korea is under UN sanctions and officially forbidden to conduct such tests, Pyongyang demonstrates the highest expression of its sovereignty and does what it sees fit.

Katehon concludes that North Korea has made the right decision and has the full right to possess nuclear weapons, as does Iran.

The last nuclear test was observed in a celebratory tone by North Korean citizens, who took to the streets in cities of the country.