NATO holds war games in Montenegro


About 700 troops from seven NATO countries and ten partner countries are participating in this event. 

Maneuvers without weapons

The war exercises, the active part of which began yesterday, are centered on operations during emergency situations. Fighting the consequences of floods, the evacuation of the civilian population, and the delivery of humanitarian aid are among the planned events. The personnel are not using any weapons. However, special chemical defense forces are also going to be involved in the exercises. According to the plan, the maneuvers will last until November 4th.

Suspicious Logistics

According to the plan of these war games, which is published on the website of NATO, units will enter the country from different directions. From Serbia, Croatia, Albania, and Bosnia, troops will arrive by land and also by sea (the seaport of Bar) and by air using the Podgorica Airport.

Unusual context

The fact that these exercises are being held in an atmosphere of social tension after parliamentary elections is be unlikely to be a coincidence. NATO is likely using its divisions to monitor the situation in the country and get involved if the orders come from Brussels. On the other hand, the initiators of these exercises are very likely working out a possible evacuation of Milo Đukanović his associates from Montenegro for them to avoid prosecution. The rehearsal of the rapid deployment of troops could also imply an occupation of Montenegro, if NATO needs to do so in the nearest future.