NATO is Gathering Forces in the Black Sea


Having started to boost its presence in Northeast Europe, NATO took Black Sea to the list as well through the summit held in February.

Provoking conflict

Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg stated that military maneuvers will increase in Black Sea while stressing that these exercises“will be measured,  will be defensive and will in no way aim at provoking any conflict or escalating tensions” with Russia. 

Minelayer warships belong to Ukrainian Military Forces and NATO allies Turkey, Poland, Spain and Germany executed mine exercises between the dates 17-22 March 2017near Odessa coast while Romania, USA and France announced a joint military exercise near Costanza coast. This act of NATO  which has the aim of strengthening presence in Black Sea since Warsaw Summit in July 2016, has been seen as a speed up effect on a period of provoked Russia through the region by going along with the Montreux Convention rules.



Fallowing the historic Warsaw Summit, Putin stated: “NATO considered Russia as main security threat and to deter Russia became the first job description of  NATO” and Russia took some military measures to control Black Sea from ground and air,  raised the number of S-400 missiles in Crimea, send additional warplanes to air bases in Rostov and North Caucasia. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu warned: “We are ready for everything”.