More Washington Madness: US accuses Russia of bombing UN convoy


Last night, a United Nations humanitarian convoy bound for Aleppo was attacked. The UN has not commented whether it was an air strike or explosive on the road.

US charges

However, US officials claim that the convoy of UN trucks was attacked by the Russian or Syrian armies. Moreover, an unnamed American official claimed that “not only we, but also the UN and the Red Cross” have “irrefutable evidence.” Later, however, he explained that there is no evidence of Russian involvement, and that the convoy was hit from the air.

Lack of evidence

Perhaps the lack of evidence is due to the fact that Russia, unlike the US, does not bomb everything that can be seen from above. The official representative of the Ministry of Defense, Major-General Igor Konashenkov has repeatedly stressed that "Russian planes do not launch strikes at targets within the boundaries of residential areas," and that the attack occurred near Aleppo where, at the same time, Jabhat Al-Nusra launched an offensive. Fierce fighting took place overnight, but by the time of the incident we can say that the Syrian army had repulsed the attack of militants and launched a counteroffensive.

Yesterday, the Syrian army announced the termination of the ceasefire. Perhaps this is the very secret "irrefutable proof" of Syrian involvement in the attack on humanitarian convoy, but what more likely happened is that this was the White House’s next step in destabilizing the situation. It seems that the Pentagon order was meant to draw Syria away from the Jabhat Al-Nusra offensive in Aleppo.

The UN in Syria

Damascus has also accused the UN of supporting terrorists. A source has reported that a UN employee prevented the withdrawal of armed fighters from Homs under false pretenses. The source added that “the Syrian government has said that there is no justification for the behavior of UN officials that impedes the implementation of the agreement” according to which more than 250 terrorists and their families should removed to Idleb province.

No official comments on the UN humanitarian convoy coming under fire have been reported from the Russian and Syrian ministries and the United Nations.