Migrant riots in Greece

Illegal migrants, who were sent to Turkey from the island in accordance with the previously concluded agreement between the leadership of the Turkish Republic and the European Union, rioted on the Greek island of Chios. The refugees do not want to go back, but the locals demand the deportation of the migrants, and even use brute force to push them out. On Thursday April 7th, riots broke out on another Greek island - Chios. Migrants burst out of a temporary accommodation center, armed with broken glass and knives, and began to threaten local residents. Greek army soldiers, policemen, employees of Frontex, and the Coast Guard were sent to the island.

Deportation Plan

The migrant riots are related to the launch of the plan adopted at the March 20th summit of Turkey and the EU. According to the agreement, all the refugees arriving in Greece are to be sent back to Turkey. In return, the EU countries will accept the same number of fresh arrivals to camps in Turkey. So far, only 200 people have been sent.

Turkish blackmail

Turkey continues to use the refugee issue to blackmail the EU. On April 7th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that if the EU will not provide the promised €6 billion, Turkey will refuse to accept migrants from Greece.

Chaos in every home

The EU’s proposed solution is to transfer the chaos that is going on the Greek islands to the center of Europe. Currently, the same refugees are dispersed through the EU, and are unlikely to alter their behavior. The Unions’ liberal leadership and various human rights organizations will do anything to take onboard the maximum number of workers, which will make the situation in the EU even more explosive.