Large-scale anti-abortion campaign begins in Russia


Non-governmental organizations, religious groups, and legislators have begun collecting signatures and putting pressure on the government.

The alliance between Christians and Muslims

Yesterday, Patriarch Kirill of Russian Orthodox Church signed the petition to ban abortion. The authors of the document demand that legislation be changed “to recognize a child at conception as a human being whose life, health, and well-being should be protected by law.”

The head of the Central Spiritual Board of Muslims, Sheikh Talgat Tajuddin, also voiced support for removing abortion from the mandatory health insurance system.

It should be noted that from the point of view of Muslims and Christians, abortion is murder (the difference is that, according to Christian tradition, the soul is infused at conception, and in the Muslim tradition only after 120 days after conception).

The ban on baby boxes

Today it became known that the government of the Russian Federation gave positive official feedback to the proposal prepared by Senator Elena Mizulina together with experts from the public organization "All-Russian Parental Resistance" on banning the creation of baby-boxes, where one can anonymously leave their children. It is assumed that the disputed points will be resolved by the second reading.

Demography and Geopolitics

The decision on abortion can only be complex and requires a purposeful state policy for supporting families with many children and changing approaches in the fields of culture, education, and the economy. The last two decades in Russia were marked by a decline of population growth. Only in the last few years, thanks to government support offered during the birth of one’s first and second child, did a slight increase in the population begin. However, these measures are not enough to restore performance in the proper amount.