Joe Biden to visit Serbia


The US Vice President is bringing instructions for the new Serbian government.

A three-day mission

The rather lengthy duration of Biden’s trip (August 15th-17th) indicates that the United States has serious intentions for Serbia. Apparently, Washington has no desire to give Belgrade free rein. Biden will thus hold talks with the President, Prime Minister, and other senior Serbian officials. In addition, a visit is planned to Kosovo to meet with the separatists’ leadership.

Even though the new Serbian government includes more Atlanticists and direct agents of the US State Department, given the American system’s recent failures in governing the world, the White House is increasingly resorting to manual control mode.

Religious background

Biden is known for his extravagant interest in the occult. During a visit to Georgia, he spent time in the mountains at a strange nighttime ceremony which is considered in Georgian society to be part of a satanic cult.

Earlier, during his previous visit to Serbia in 2009, when the country's president was Boris Tadic, Metropolitan Raska and Prizren Artemide refused Biden access to the monastery of Gracanica, which was followed by a major political scandal.

During his visit, Biden will most likely offer active support to the ecumenical faction within the Serbian Orthodox Church. A meeting with sodomites can also not be ruled out, since the US Vice President recently attended a perverted same-sex “marriage” in Washington.