Japan claims sovereignty and Tradition


The extraordinary session of the lower house of parliament opened in Japan, which is expected to make significant amendments to the Constitution, aimed at eliminating the share of Japan's dependence on the US.

Legal framework

At the end of the July parliamentary elections, the ruling coalition consisting of the Liberal Democratic Party, Shinzo Abe and the Komeito Party won the majority. a two-thirds majority in the upper chamber, required for decision-making. Since the lower chamber has traditionally supported the Prime Minister's victory in the upper chamber, it made it possible to initiate a discussion about the changes.

The amendments: Reviving Traditions

First, Japan's parliament is going to review the responsibilities of the Emperor. Now it is a figurehead nearly deprived of all powers , performing some ceremonies. But for the Japanese, it means very much: still Emperor is the object of worship, a descendant of the goddess. It is known that after the Second World War, the United States wanted generally to abolish the title of Emperor, but decided not to. Now the prime minister, who served as head of state, is going to return the status to the emperor.

However, the current Emperor Akihito, in any case will not be able to take this post. In the Japanese tradition, a new era begins with the reign of a new emperor, in addition, the 82-year-old Akihito has released a video statement in which he complains of poor health. Back in August, it was expected that, despite the lack of a corresponding tradition, he will give the throne to one of his sons (probably the older - Prince Naruhito), but this did not happen.

Most likely, the imperial court has decided not to injure the conservative Japanese society by renunciation, especially against the background of strengthening the traditional views and values, one of which is freedom and independence. And the relationship with the United States should be interpreted in this light.

Despite the fact that in his opening speech this morning, Abe said that cooperation with the US is the basis of politics, but relations with Russia are becoming increasingly important for Japan, experts saw a completely different subscript letter.

It is significant that the current time, the era of the reign of Akihito is 'Heisei',  translated from Japanese as "establishment of peace". That is why now, when it is clearly coming to an end, it is so important for Japan to conclude a peace treaty with Russia. This is indirectly stated and Shinzo Abe, during his visit to Russia, called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to begin a new era by signing an agreement about territories.

Amendment of Self-Defense Forces

Another important amendment is, in fact, the creation of an army. Now Japan still can not have a real armed forces, only "self defense force." This explains why there is such a strong occupation of the country by the US military. Of course, reformatting of the armed forces into a full fledged army in a country of strategic importance to Washington, which has a powerful militarist spirit, is very strong blow to the United States. We can not even  exclude the turn-over of a number of US bases, especially after numerous protests of the local population and, especially, the US aircraft crash situation in Okinawa. Despite the fact that, according to diplomatic protocol, Japan apologized for this, Japanese society reacted to the fact with great disdain, as if it had made a mistake, worse so a military one. Even though the American pilot was not injured, it is still a great shame, almost a sin.


However, such a sharp anti-American turn will require some sacrifice, and Abe understands this. Therefore, one important theme of the meeting will be the ratification of the Pacific Partnership Trade Treaty. Most likely, in contrast to Europe where the Europeans are trying to avoid a similar agreement, the East on the other hand will try to approve it before the presidential elections in US.