Italy imposes its "script" on Libya to disrupt elections


After the visit to Libya of Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on December 23-24, some leaks appeared that the Italians were carrying their political plot, which boils down to using their old anti-Libyan plan to maintain the country in a state of political, economic and social instability.

The Plan

Fayez Al-Sarraj is established as the head of the government of national unity (as they call it), subject to the approval of his candidacy by Khalifa Haftar.

After that, Fayez al-Sarraj appoints Khalifa Haftar as the Minister of Defense of Libya, provided that his Ministry of Defense submits to the General Command of the Libyan Army, as well as the Minister of Internal Affairs of Libya.

Akila Saleh was invited by the government (Sarraj) to appoint six ministers to the government.  But there was a misfire: in response, Akila Saleh rejected this proposal and stated that he would not take any decision until the adoption of the electoral law. He demanded that the situation (on the political scene of Libya) be as it is now.



The Leak

The Italians put forward this “roadmap” (their own scenario) and tried to convince the Libyan parties that the elections in Libya are “not in the interests of the Libyan people.” The main goal was to prove that this Italian “map” is “the most suitable for securing the interests” of Italy in Libya and “the only way to ensure security” of Libya itself.

This information leakage clearly confirms the Italians' refusal to prepare elections in Libya and their attempt to find other alternatives. It also explains the very suspicious role of Italy and its desire to oppose international efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis.
Thus, it turns out that this Italian “scenario” is a gross rejection of the international “road map” (UN). This scenario will lead to the prolongation of the crisis in Libya and the growth of political conflicts in the power structures in Libya.

Information received by N.S. from his trusted source in Tobruk.