Israel acknowledges acts of aggression against Syria

Although the Israelis have regularly staged attacks on Syrian territory in recent years, official recognition of this fact was made yesterday.

Militant Bibi

This was stated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) during his visit to the occupied Golan Heights. He said "We act when we need to act, including here across the border, with dozens of strikes meant to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining game-changing weaponry."

Netanyahu is known for his significant defiant behavior, which has often complicated the relations between the US and Israel, particularly on the question of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Legal aspects

In fact, this statement symbolises the recognition of acts of aggression against a sovereign state, which should lead to the appropriate consequences, including a response from the UN Security Council. But for Israel, which works in tandem with the US in the region, it would appear that these actions have no consequences.

"Hezbollah" and Iran in Syria

The Lebanese "Hezbollah", as well as the Armed Forces of Iran and Russia, are assisting the government of Syria to fight the terrorists. Israel has traditionally seen this interaction as a potential threat to its presence in the occupied territories. Not being able to carry out large-scale military operations, Israel is conducting a deterrence strategy through the application of precision strikes, as well as the use of diplomatic channels. Earlier, Tel Aviv achieved the recognition of "Hezbollah" as a terrorist organization by the US and EU.

Also, Israel has tried to prevent the sale of Russian arms to Syria and Iran. It is significant that Netanyahu’s statement was made on the same day that Russia delivered the S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran.

The last major clash between Israel and "Hezbollah" was in 2006 in Lebanon.