Iran and China to intensify trade

Chinese leader Xi Jinping visited Iran on Saturday, December 23 to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. This visit was the first one by a Chinese leader in 14 years. The most important topic discussed was the promotion of bilateral relations. Both sides agreed to develop a comprehensive 25-year plan and increase trade over the next 10 years to $600 billion.

Other details

Iran and China signed 17 documents and letters of intent for the commercial, civil and judicial spheres. Also discussed were foreign investments, security issues in the region, and the energy and mining sector. Iranian media reported that the meeting was a success despite the fact that Xi Jinping was in Saudi Arabia for an official visit before coming to Iran.

Emerging Strategy

The visit took place just one week after the lifting of previously-imposed sanctions by the US and EU. Iran is now free to make agreements with a number of countries, including western ones. The possibilities of regional alliances are also on the table, and Iran is particularly interested in joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Increased cooperation with Russia has also been noted. All three countries - China, Iran, and Russia - are promoting a multipolar agenda and are critical of Washington's policies.