Greece refuses to hand over Turkey’s officers


A trace of the coup and historical grievances.

The decision of the Greek Court of Cassation

Eight Turkish soldiers who had fled to Greece by helicopter and were detained until yesterday have been released. They initially asked for political asylum in Greece. The Turkish agency Anadolu has reported that Turkey immediately issued a warrant for their arrest. They are accused of organizing and participating in the coup attempt which took place in July of 2016.

A new cause for tension

This precedent will be an additional incentive for new tensions between these two countries. Greece and Turkey historically have a lot of claims against each other, although both countries are members of NATO. But at this stage, the situation is going to complicate negotiations on Cyprus which are taking place under the mediation of the United Kingdom. Ankara could also be compelled to take special measures for immigration control because of the large flow of illegal migrants going over the Turkish-Greek border into the EU.

The Greek “Swamp” and Turkey’s reorientation

Greece is clearly under the control of New Democracy, Syriza, and the Panhellenic Socialist Movement “PASOK”. The country is a springboard for the neo-liberal swamp, which is evident in the government's refusal to meet the wishes of the citizens who voted in the referendum against the deal with the EU. The globalists are likely to use Greece for putting pressure on Turkey.

Ankara has repeatedly criticized the EU and the individual states of the alliance. The present case can contribute to a further basis for Turkey’s new strategic policy of rapprochement with the Eurasian powers, including the partnership in the SCO.