Great Britain Preparing for War against Russia

The UK armed forces are preparing for war against Russia. It is the objective of the Shamal Storm exercise in Jordan, which will be held in February 2016. More than 1,600 personnel and 300 armored vehicles will be sent in Jordan. It is the largest exercise in the Middle East that the United Kingdom has taken part in since 2001.
The UK and the USA are both Atlanticist powers, historically opposing continental Russia. The United Kingdom is the US’ strategic ally, considering Russia as the threat to its national security

Who is the exercise organized against?

During the exercises in Jordan, the British military will practice the skills of transferring and using large units anywhere in the world. According to the Telegraph newspaper, “it is primarily targeting Eastern Europe. This isn’t a counter-ISIS exercise. If anything, this is much more about us being prepared to join the US in Ukraine than it is in Syria,” said the source. Thus, it is an openly anti-Russian exercise.

Syria or Ukraine?

Despite the widespread application, the transfer of the British armed forces to Syria’s neighboring country raises suspicions that Britain is preparing to fight with Russia there. The transfer of its military in Eastern Europe might well work in Eastern Europe itself, especially as this type of exercises is arranged in this region almost every month. The Shamal Storm exercise represents British tactics in the Middle Eastern desert. In the case of an aggravation in the situation in Syria, the same troops can be used to interfere in Syria from Jordan.

American coalition

Earlier, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain announced they were ready to interfere in Syria. Turkey is prepared too. In northern Syria, there are the US troops holding on to Rmeylan airport. The UK’s accession to the US coalition is most likely.

Special Attention to Syria

The USA’s plans to disrupt the successful offensive operation of Russia, Syria and Iran against militants failed. In order to prevent Assad and his allies from gaining victory, the United States will use the only way they know; direct military aggression in Syria, and the occupation of the country.


The British military’s statements show that the Western countries are ready for war against Russia. The possible theaters of hostilities are Syria or Ukraine. It is also possible to wage war on two fronts, with the priority participation of one of the US’ allies in a conflict.