Freedom and order: Hungary opposes quotas for migrants


A nationwide plebiscite on the admissibility of the distribution of migrants in EU countries according to the quotas set out by Brussels, was held in Hungary on the 2nd of October. Its results can be considered as a strong shock to the European Union, as well as having similarities to Brexit.

The victory of common sense

According to preliminary data, more than 95% of the citizens voted against the introduction of mandatory quotas for the distribution of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. Practically, this means that Budapest has the full support of the population on the issue of defending its sovereignty in the face of the global neo-liberal project.

An important point on the map

Hungary is one of the staging posts on the way for migrants moving to Germany. It is, for these settlers, a desired destination point on the way to Berlin, which provides social benefits, housing benefits and other benefits for workers. A number of countries, mostly Eastern European, does not show the same hospitality. Local authorities with the full support of the population are opposed to the influx of migrants, as they see it as a threat to national security and the worsening of the process of erosion of the European identity.

The attack on the will of the people

Holding the referendum and its results causes a sharp discontent among the European and global elites. In the major media, controlled by international capital, are already critical publications on the will of the Hungarian people. It is possible that in the near future, the question may be raised about certain disciplinary actions against Budapest.