France on the edge of the presidential race


Today, the pre-election campaign officially starts. The first round will be held on April 23, the second round on May 7. 11 candidates will participate in the elections.

The leaders

In the first round with 25 percent (according to the opinion poll Opinion Way) Le Pen will lead. Second place, according to preliminary data, has a great chance to be take by the globalists' candidate - Macron. The third place is occupied by the Republican candidate Fillon. Fourth place - is for the head of the movement "France Insoumise" Jean-Luc Melanchon.

On the eve of the race

The performance of Francois Fillon in Paris was attended by 25 thousand people. Fillon said that he intends to lead a new policy, and his main goal is "to make France the first European power in the next 10 years." In addition to Fillon, the main figures of his party also acted: Baruin, Pecres, Minar. They stated that Macron was the heir of Francois Hollande.

The head of the France Insoumise movement, Jean-Luc Melanchon, gathered 70,000 people at a rally in Marseilles. Now, from 17 to 19% of the French are going to vote for him. 

At hispresentation, Jean-Luc Melancheon spoke out against US missile strikes in Syria. He also noted the need for France to withdraw from NATO. Melanchon called the piece as the main value in his foreign policy.

The second round: Le Pen against whom?

Since February (after the corruption scandal with Fillon), opinion polls have shown two leaders of the first round who will compete in the second round: the patriot Le Pen against the globalist Macron. However, Macron's unconvincing speeches, his vague political program and embarrassing statements contributed to his rating downgrade.

At the same time, it is interesting that the Left candidate, the head of the France Insoumise movement Jean-Luc Melanchon began to gain increasing weight in the election race. Some publications (including Le Figaro) talk about the possibility of a collision between Le Pen and Melanchon in the second round.