Finland continues militarization against Russia


Finnish and Swedish air forces launched  joint  exercises today. Additionally, a new deal was signed between the United States and Finland in the field of defense.

Ruska-2016 maneuvers

The Finnish Air Force exercise began today and will last until October 14th. These will involve 50 aircraft, 2,600 personnel, 30 Hornet multi-role fighters, 15 training Hawk jets, NH90 helicopters, and transport aircraft. In addition, the Swedish side will involve, six Gripen multi-role fighters, a command and control system plane, and transport aviation. Previously, in September Finnish aircraft participated in maneuvers in Sweden, playing the role of enemy aircraft.

Two primary air bases in Finland will be used to carry out maneuvers - Tikkakoski and Rovaniemi. In addition, Oulunsalo, Kajaani, Kuusamo and Kokkola-Pietarsaari airports used for remote control. On the part of Sweden, Kallax air base on the Baltic Sea coast will be used.


These are the largest tactical military exercises for Finland in 2016.

The new treaty between the United States and Finland

On Friday October 7th a new pact between the Minister of Defence of Finland Jussi Niihisto, representing the party "True Finns", and Deputy US Defense Secretary Robert Workin, was signed in Helsinki. The statement of intent stated that Finland is regarded as the basis of security in the Baltic region and Northern Europe, so the US will help in the field of defense, research, education and training, as well as carrying out international operations. For its part, Finland will provide various types of information to Washington.

It is expected that in the near future the United States will try to increasingly engage Finland into its own zone of influence, and to initiatevarious programs of an anti-Russian nature.  Two research centers in Helsinki - the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (Ulkopoliittinen instituutti) and the Alexander Institute (Aleksanteri-instituutti) - at the time being are the main venues of anti-Russian propaganda. There they have published studies where the "aggressive nature of Russia", "hybrid war", "Gazprom as a weapon", "Moscow's strategic communication", etc., are thematically developed. Here we also find advocacy for Finland's accession to NATO.

Russia and Finland

Finland is the EU member with the longest border with Russia. In addition, most Internet traffic between Russia and Europe also goes through Finland. This country has a neutral status, but Washington and its satellites in Europe are trying to lure Finland (and Sweden) into NATO. Last year, Finns signed an agreement with NATO, according to which they will undertake to provide not only the territory, but also the logistics of military contingents for NATO. This initiative is clearly noticeable in the context of an anti-Russian background.

In Finland, human rights violations on ethnic grounds, affecting the Russian-speaking diaspora (of about 63 thousand), are a regular occurrence . The best known are the frequent removal of children from Russian mothers.

Meanwhile, Finland has an agreement with Russia on friendship and good-neighborliness. But it seems that the current government in the country doesn't entirely satisfy these obligations, and prefers intrigue with NATO and the United States, which is a flagrant violation of previously signed contracts.