Eurosceptical matriarchy in Italy


Eurosceptics are in the lead in the elections in Italy. Representatives of the left populist party "Five Star" were elected as the mayors of Rome and Turin. According to experts, it shows a deep disappointment in Italian political system and personally in Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his Democratic Party.

Women win

According to the results of the second round of local elections, the mayor of Rome elected a woman for the first time - representative of the movement "Five Star" Virginia Raggi. In Turin, which was formerly a stronghold of the Democratic Party, another woman - Chiara Appendino - was elected to be a mayor. She also represents "Five Star".

Euroscepticism as a trend

The elections show the growth of the Five Star movement’s potential and a rise of Euroscepticism in Italy as a whole. Another Italian Eurosceptic party - the right-wing and regionalists "Lega Nord" - have control of Lombardy and Venice. The leader of the "League of the North" Matteo Salvini, commenting on the results of regional elections, said that Italians no longer believe in the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

The foreign and local dimensions

The reasons for the general disappointment in the ruling party are poor governance and economic problems caused in particular by the sanctions war with Russia. "Five Star" and "Lega Nord" are in favor of the lifting of sanctions against Russia. This is augmented by local features. In particular, this applies to Rome, where it most clearly manifested itself in the previous mayor on the basis of corruption and the abuse of power.