EU Tries to buy Moldova for 1.5 Million Euro


The European Union is ready to spend 1.5 million euros to bring Moldova over to its side in its relations with Russia and “put Moldova back” on the European path.

Corruption in the EU

According to RT, the EU plans to allocate money for lobbying in the Parliament of Moldova. As a consequence, Kishinev should support the policy of European integration.

The bribe will be allocated in the form of a grant from the European Commission. The recipient will lobby for the interests of politicians in the Parliament of Moldova. The agreements will promote new activities within the Eastern Partnership, the future of the Association Agreement as well as the implementation of the European Neighborhood Policy Plan (ENP).

"Particular attention will be paid to the improvement of parliamentary structures, internal procedures, as well as the skills of the technical staff of the Parliament,” says the report.


The Globalists' Geopolitical Strategy

The geopolitical globalist agenda considers the countries of Eastern Europe like Poland, Estonia and Moldova as a Cordon Sanitaire against Russia. The goal of this is to isolate and block Russian initiatives towards Europe. This consists of blocking energy projects and increasing NATO presence near Russian borders. This policy is a sort of a continuation of Anglo-Saxon policy in the region which has been used against Russia. Globalist influence includes propaganda and lobbying within Eastern Europe, as well as ensuring the presence of pro-globalist elites within the governments and the media of such countries.