Davutoglu admits participating in the downed Su-24 plot


Ex-Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, has admitted that he gave the order which led to the downing of the Russian Su-24 in November of 2015. This has been reported by Hurriyet Daily News. Earlier, Turkish authorities said that shortly before the tragic incident, the Turkish government had changed the rules on aerial incident response, placing decision-making authority in the hands of pilots. At the same time, Davutoglu acknowledged that on October 10th, 2015 he gave the order to shoot down any aircraft that had violated the country's airspace.

The participation of Prime Minister in the plot

The pilots who shot down the Russian plane were members of the network of preacher Fethullah Gulen, working for the CIA. They took an active part in the recent attempted coup d'état in Turkey. According to the Turkish authorities, the take-down of the Russian plane was a deliberate provocation aimed at something, to push the two powers at a time when there had been a rapprochement between them, and were ready for a compromise. The management of this operation was carried out using US intelligence agencies; the Gulen network and its agents in the Turkish Air Force.

However, the provocation would not have been successful if the Prime Minister has not issued a decree and would not have created the conditions that allowed the pilots/conspirators to act on their own. We have previously argued that Davutoglu was also a member of the US network's influence in Turkey. Katehon wrote that he played an active role in provoking the destruction of the Russian plane. Now the ex-prime minister has de facto acknowledged that he played a key role in the conspiracy aimed at undermining the position of his country. Indeed, the neo-Ottomanism which he promoted led to the involvement of Turkey in numerous conflicts, contributed to the strengthening of the Kurdish and radical Islamic factor as a result of the destabilization in Syria, and thus destabilized the situation in the country, where the Kurdish underground and Islamic extremists started a real war against the state.

The sixth column in action

Davutoglu's statement is evidence that in addition to the Gulen’s network in Turkey, there are the so-called "Sixth Column" agents of influence of the United States, who are deeply integrated into the ruling elite and even the ruling party. In fact, in relation to Davutoğlu, the US never concealed that it preferred him in the role of the Turkish leader instead of Erdogan. The latest statement of Davutoglu was also intended to spoil relations with Russia, to give the Russian sixth column reasons for stopping a rapprochement with Turkey: a leading member of the conspiracy, whose goal was to embroil the two countries, the originator of the death of Russian pilots - is alive and not in prison. Obviously, Davutoglu is not afraid to make a statement on the eve of the meeting between Putin and Erdogan in St. Petersburg. On the one hand, he is still secretly supported by the West, by Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey, and abroad. On the other hand, he has the support of a part of the members of the ruling party, "Justice and Development", with these he certainly managed to present his statement to Erdogan as an attempt to give the Turkish leader an alibi for the shooting gown of the Russian bomber.