Davos meeting starts today


Meeting of globalists more known as The World Economic Forum will last four days.


“Fourth Industrial Revolution”, “Responsive and Responsible Leadership”, “Global Collaboration”, “Building Positive Identities”, and “Fixing Market Capitalism and Restoring Economic Growth” are the titles of the main sections of the proposed discussion panels. Many of the other panels’ titles reflect the current crisis of neoliberalism and globalization, such as: "Squeezed and Angry: How to Fix the Middle Class Crisis", "Politics of Fear or Rebellion of the Forgotten?", "Tolerance at the Tipping Point?" and "The Post-EU Era.” LGBT propaganda is also included under the "Tolerance" block. Overall, 3,000 participants from from over 70 countries, including all G20 states, and over 400 discussions are included in the official agenda of the forum.

In fact, the Davos forum is more than just one annual meeting. During the year, similar, interconnected events are organized in different countries.


The World Economic Forum NGO was set up in 1971 by German Professor Klaus Schwab, but really became known around the world only in the late 1990's as the political-oligarchic cartel of Western countries. An important role in forging the negative image of the Davos forum has been played by European anti-globalists, who have held counter-summits trying to work out an alternative agenda.

The format of the forum involves new countries which are represented by their decision makers. The presence of both technical, scientific experts along with representatives of high politics and art creates a cozy atmosphere that helps the agents of neo-liberalism push their projects and reach certain agreements. This “playground” is also used to coordinate plans among the initiators of the forum, including where to start new wars, which products and services of various companies to support, and how to allocate excess profits between club members, etc.

China adopts the negative liberal experience

Under the “Globalization” section, there will be a panel entitled "China’s Role in the World". For the first time, the leadership of China will attend the WEF. Officials from China have even proposed the term "inclusive globalization”, which seems like an attempt to continue capitalist expansion like the West did before.

It is noteworthy that Donald Trump's team will not be represented at the WEF.