Coup attempt in South Africa: A blow to BRICS


Riots caused by the publication of the report of Thuli Madonsela, a human rights activist, have not stopped in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa. In this report, Madonsela exposed the influence of Indian tycoons on the formation of the government of South Africa.

The President’s reaction

The publication of this report took place amidst riots that have been ongoing for several weeks. However, it was exactly the report of Madonsela, which received an award from the well-known liberal non-governmental organization “Transparency International” in 2014, that has contributed to increased tensions.

The trial report in the High Court, initiated by President Jacob Zuma, has been postponed due to the withdrawal of the application. The President, who was going to publicly and in writing to respond to the allegations, and whose speech was contained in the 300-page document, expressed his regret for the deprivation of such an opportunity.

Protesters headed for the court house after the news of the application withdrawal. However, the procession was dispersed by law enforcement forces with stun grenades. Nevertheless, the opposition continues to protest and insist on the resignation of President Zuma.

Indian trail

An oligarch family of Indian origin seriously influenced the appointment of certain persons to ministerial positions, the report says. In addition, some Indian banks were involved in the laundering of money.

All of this is being highlighted most likely in order to sow discord between the partner countries of BRICS. This is not the first attempt by the Atlanticist countries to destroy the organization.

South Africa vs. Europe

Concerning international policy, on October 21st, South Africa became the first African country to leave the International Criminal Court (ICC) program. After this was announced, such countries as Burundi, Gambia, and Kenya followed its example.

The governments of these countries accuse the ICC of bias. They quite rightly believe that the West's war crimes remain without any attention from the court.

Meanwhile, yesterday, ICC representative Fadi El-Abdallah called on emerging countries to reconsider their position.

None of this supports any confidence in Western and African countries.