Collapse of the ruling coalition in Brazil

The Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) have withdrawn from the coalition government, thereby increasing the chances of President Dilma Rousseff being impeached.

Democrats Betrayal

The statement was made after more than a hundred deputies were in favor of this decision. Six ministers, and about six hundred employees of the federal government should resign. It is highly probable that other small parties will follow the example of PMDB and will leave the coalition.

Interest of the Democrats

If the impeachment of Rousseff takes place, the PMDB leader Michel Temer, who is the Vice-President of Brazil since 2011, will automatically become president. The PMDB party has no clear ideology, and is composed of conservatives, nationalists, former guerrilla leftists, and liberals.

Legalization of the coup

Rousseff supporters believe that the impeachment procedure is nothing less than a planned coup and an attack on her democratic legitimacy. According to the laws and constitution of the country, the president can be dismissed only in the event of a crime, but no such event has occurred.