Clinton calls for interventionist policy


Hillary Clinton has reiterated the idea of American exceptionalism. The candidate of the Democratic Party addressed members of the American Legion, an organization uniting war veterans and retired US military personnel. The event was held within the framework of the American Legion's national convention. On Thursday, September 1st, legionnaires are to be addressed by Donald Trump.

American exceptionalism

In her speech, Clinton focused on the concept of American exceptionalism. According to Clinton, the United States has the right and obligation to lead the rest of the world and dictate the terms of global development. As expected, Clinton's statement was made in an emphatically neoconservative way. The former Secretary of State stated that America must be a global hegemony no matter what the cost. "It does not matter what the cost is, no matter how heavy the burden is, America must lead," she said.

Against Trump and Putin

Clinton criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for having earlier negatively commented on the concept of American exceptionalism, and compared him to her rival, Donald Trump. Trump has proposed to give up the almost century-long course of interventionism and promote a more balanced and non-hegemonic position for US policy.

In her speech, Hillary promised to bring down "dictators", support the spread of liberal values, and respond to the challenges of "countries such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea." In fact, this is a policy of war against the US' opponents, especially Russia and China. The presidential candidate also promised to increase military spending and take the lead in cyberspace by imposing the US' own rules on the rest of the world.