Bulgaria turns to Russia


Chairman of the Government of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov says that the frozen energy projects will be restarted.

The "South Stream" gas pipeline

According to him, "Bulgaria and Russia agreed to set up working groups to restart Russian energy projects, including the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline."

The project was halted in 2014 as a result of pressure from bureaucrats in Brussels upon Bulgaria.

This fact is very significant, as Russia and Turkey are going to have to build a "Turkish stream".

Both pipelines will be build under the Black Sea to supply gas to Europe. In the case of Turkey, part of the energy will be used for its own domestic consumption needs.

Even if one pipeline will be realized, this means the policy of blocking Russian energy transport corridors has collapsed, which was initiated from Washington through its puppets in Europe. But nevertheless, if two gas pipelines are constructed, it be  as a result of the complete lack of foresight of those lobbyists which prevented their construction, and a victory of Russian 'petropolitics'.

Nuclear Power Plant

Bulgaria also has an unfinished nuclear power plant near Belene. The work on it was halted in 1990 due to funding problems and protests. In 2005, it was decided that Russia will participate in the completion of the project, but again, because of the influence of Brussels, it was cancelled.

Now the Bulgarian government considers it necessary to return to negotiations with Russia on this matter.