Broken Dreams: the EU shows Ukraine the door


Ukraine will not receive any military assistance or additional funding from the European Union, nor will its citizens gain the right to reside and work in the EU. This decision was made during the EU summit dedicated to the Ukrainian issue. Kiev should also forget about its candidate status for EU membership.

The EU doesn’t need Kiev

These listed points were already in the works before this summit. The EU did not ban anything new, but merely formulated such in plain text and wrote everything into the document of the Association Agreement. In other words, if Kiev wants to destroy the remnants of its economy for the sake of Europe, it’s welcome to. However, no additional preferences should be expected from the European side.

The Trump effect

In fact, the Brussels bureaucracy is part of the globalist “swamp” and cannot openly state that they do not need Ukraine. At the same time, Trump’s victory and the ongoing reformatting of the world system can only mean one thing: the United States will leave Ukraine, letting the countries of the Russian World themselves deal with this situation. This will inevitably lead to the overthrow of the Kiev regime and the normalization of the situation. Ukraine in its present configuration is living out it last months. 

Poroshenko’s collapse

Ukraine's European integration project was the main slogan of Poroshenko’s Maidan and the main goal of his administration. The fact that Europe has shown Kiev the door says that there is no need for the population to suffer any more at the hands of the current authorities, who have finally destroyed the economy and social sphere of the country. Ukraine is among the poorest countries of the continent. Even today, the elites are trying to persuade Washington to appoint a new president of Ukraine, but the old US administration cannot do this, and the new one does not even want to.