British lawmakers to debate bill on EU withdrawal


The House of Commons is to begin debating the bill which will allow the British government to start Brexit.


The process begins

The legislation is expected to move through the parliament in time for the end of March deadline for triggering Article 50. MPs are due to spend two days debating the bill as set by Theresa May last week after the Supreme Court ruled parliamentary approval was needed before negotiations with Brussels could begin.

Europhiles' betrayal

Some of the liberal Members of parliament are plotting to frustrate Theresa May's plans for a "hard Brexit"  and vote against triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. This decision violates the law and abuses the trust of the British people.

Full Brexit

The UK's strategy of full withdrawal from the European Union was announced by the prime minister last week.

Theresa May has named specific next steps: withdrawing from the European market and canceling trade agreements, terminating the European Court's jurisdiction over the territory of the kingdom, and independent control over migration. However, the prime minister stressed the need for cooperation with the EU in the field of defense and security, particularly in combating terrorism and international crime.