Astana Summit on Syria


A new format of talks on Syria.

A peace process

This event is being held on the initiative of Russia and Turkey, with Kazakhstan being the neutral party in the Syrian conflict to provide a platform. 15 opposition groups from Syria are going to participate in this summit as well as representatives of Iran, the UN, and the US Ambassador to Kazakhstan. The negotiations are planned to be held for two days. Moreover, they are expected to be complicated, hence the possibility of them being extended. As before, the main stumbling block remains the question of recognizing certain terrorist groups as a legal opposition. Such a scheme is proposed by the West to cover for militants who are killing civilians. 

UN Security Council approval and Kazakhstan’s role

Earlier, the UN Security Council approved a draft resolution sponsored by Russia, Turkey, and Iran after a meeting in Moscow. De Mistura also supports the talks in Astana, in which he himself is now participating. Moreover, the leader of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, previously acted as an intermediary in the normalization of relations between Russia and Turkey after Turkey shot down the Russian plane.

The Trump Factor

After Trump’s inauguration, Washington will change its position on Syria and fight against terrorism. Donald Trump has officially declared that his aim is to fight against ISIS.

Although George W. Bush and Barack Obama before also proclaimed the need to combat terrorism, this process is going to be different during Donald Trump’s term. Moreover, Trump has called to respect the interests of other countries and not to interfere in their domestic affairs, which is fundamentally different from the “global democracy” strategy. Such a policy in the spirit of realism is expected to lead to major changes in world politics.