Assad meets with Putin in Sochi


On November 21, Russian and Syrian presidents Vladimir Putin and Bashar Al-Assad discussed future political processes to resolve the Syrian crisis.


According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the problem of terrorism is global in nature, “but as for our joint work to combat terrorists in Syria, this military operation is really coming to an end.” In the future, we need to “move on to political processes,” the head of state added.

For his part, the Syrian leader Bashar Assad noted “successes, both on the battlefield and on the political stage”. Some areas of Syria are liberated from terrorists, and the Syrians who were forced to leave their homes are now able to return. Also, Syrian leader stressed that the operation contributed to a political settlement in Syria.

It should be noted that Putin and Assad also discussed the basic principles of the political process in Syria and the preparation of the Congress of the Peoples of the Republic. Putin added that on November 22 in Sochi will take place a meeting with the President of Turkey and the Iranian President, with whom “the issue of the peaceful political settlement following the rout of the terrorists and the long-term settlement of the situation in Syria” will be discussed.

Next step

Over the past month, the Kremlin has repeatedly made it clear to Damascus and the world that changes in Russian politics in Syria are coming. Russian president himself stated that the territory of Syria is almost completely liberated from the terrorists.

From all this, it followed logically that a political settlement of the intra-Syrian conflict was taking place. Since all the terrorists are defeated, the regime of Bashar Assad no longer has grounds for delaying the beginning of this process and fencing off from any of its potential participants.