Another race riot in the US


Indicators of violence show that the situation in the country has escalated to the limit. Symptoms of the civil war are present.

A new precedent

Yesterday in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, a riot transpired related to the murder of an innocent man. A 43-year-old black citizen  was shot dead by a police officer near his car with a book in his hand.

State of emergency

During the riot, tear gas and non-lethal weapons were used to disperse the crowd. Nine people were injured and 44 were arrested.

In the largest city of North Carolina, a state of emergency was declared and extra police and security personnel were deployed . Many corporations and companies told their employees not to come to work. It is not known when this state of emergency will expire.


Keith Scott is the 214th black person killed in the US by police so far in 2016. In total, this year 821 people were killed by police officers in the United States. This data is provided by the 'Mapping Police Violence' civic group, an organization that collects information and investigates incidents in which US citizens are suffering from police violence.

The status quo

The American Civil Liberties Union has called for police to release the video showing the killing, while the police have refused to provide footage of the incident. The prosecutor's office promised to take the matter under its control and publish the results of the investigative report.

However, most likely, nothing will significantly change. At the same time, the killing of another black person will be used as an issue in the ongoing race for the US presidency.