American Racism: 88th Oscar Scandal

Spike Lee, the famous American film director and actor, said he intends to boycott the 88th Academy Awards Ceremony, as he considers it racist. According to Spike Lee, this is shown by the absence of African stars among the nominees in the acting categories.

The USA is Close to the Race War

Since its foundation, the American society always was quite racist. Besides the fact that slavery was abolished nearly a century after the creation of the “Democratic State”, the structure of the social system is some kind of barely discontiguous groups very aggressive towards each other: white, Africans, Hispanic, Chinese – all these people categories usually live separately, in separate quarters and are guided by their own cultural matrix.

The last ones became the first

Afro-American, fighting with white people racism, were in the same position that once the European population. Social group in American society can only assert themselves at the expense of the other social groups humiliation. White people use to humiliate Africans, and now the last ones call them insulting nicknames and force to imitate their culture thought the modern pop culture. In fact, such behavior of African Americans is the "mirror" of the white racist discourse in XIX-XX centuries.

Racist nature of liberalism

The liberal ideology itself, pretending the human rights defender, is a very racist in its essence. John Hobson gave a lot of attention to this problem in his works. He identified the phenomenon and studied the causes and formation of Eurocentrism in the International Relations, as well as engaged in the scientific racism problems.

Dead Dream

Such processes in American society show that the general idea that could unite the various social groups, doesn’t exist more. The American Dream, a project for the future of all people, disappeared. Hedonism and Entertainment took its place. Synthetic, artificial nature of modern American society becomes increasingly evident nowadays.