New Myanmar leadership looking for compromises

Old traditions still rules

Internal politics will be balanced with the old regime and also with the program of the Aung San Suu Kyi, who was a leader of the opposition. The Union Solidarity and Development Party, led by former military staff, have linked with the Buddhist group “Ma Ba Tha", that still has influence with the public. So, the National League for Democracy will face long process of "demilitarization" of politics, and will adopt a policy of reforms for the country.

The neighborhood

Despite some worries about dependence on Beijing, China is the most important investor into the economy of Myanmar. The two countries share more than 2000 km of border. Last year China accounted for more than 40% of Myanmar's imports by value, and 65% percent of Myanmar's exports. There are strategic projects between both countries. Thailand has the the second most important partner for Myanmar. Naturally, the Asia-Pacific region will remain main focus of Myanmar's foreign interests.

Western expansion

The U.S has two strategic goals in Myanmar: deterrence of China, including rising trouble in the South China Sea, and new economic possibilities. The West will not immediately benefit greatly from trade deals because the current balance is not significant, however the energy sector may be one area of opportunity. Some western petroleum companies have already signed contracts with Myanmar for exploitation of offshore zones.