Future Bataclan, or what is hidden behind terrorist attacks in Paris

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Strategic Engineered Migration as Weapon of War

Many details of the tragedy seems to be run thought by deep symbolism; understanding it you can find a trace of persons who arranged the terrorist attacks in Paris and realize what are their true goals. The first thing that catches your eye is the date chosen for the attacks. You can have any attitude toward that ordinary notions and superstitions, but it is known that the Friday the 13th has a special place in different kinds of esoteric and occult societies (of Western world rather than Islamic) as a date "charged" with very destructive black energy. On Friday Jesus Christ was crucified, and betrayed him Judas was the thirteenth closest followers at the Last Supper. On Friday, October 13, 1307 the French King Philip the Fourth started destroying the Knights Templar. According to the legend, Jacques de Molay, the Grand Master who died at the stake, cursed the king and the whole Capetian dynasty. In fact, the Capetians became the last legitimate royal dynasty in France (the Bourbons, swept away by the French Revolution, is a cadet branch of the Capetian house). On Friday, April 13, 2012, the cruise ship Costa Concordia was wrecked; some Russian and foreign journalists found out some broad hint on the dark future, prepared for Europe by behind the scenes world powers, in the dramatical event.

New notorious catastrophe. Several explosions were arranged near Stade de France when the national teams of France and Germany were playing a football match. The match wasn’t canceled, as it can be surprising, and finish with the defeat of the German team with a score 0:2. Another place attacked by terrorist is the Bataclan Theater, where, in fact, the bloodiest act of the drama took place. That evening the theater hosted a concert of the American band Eagles of Death Metal that, despite the scary name, is described by the majority of Internet as a joke, parody (!). It is interesting that the band tracks are often used by commercials global corporations such as Microsoft or Nike in their commercials. At the same time, their music is quite popular among the computer games developers.

The Bataclan was named after an operetta of Jacques Offenbach, the Jewish French composer of living in the XIX century. Judging from the names of the characters and scenery, the operetta seems to take place in Chinese Empire, but according to the author’s idea, it is supposed to allude the audience to the Second French Empire of Napoleon III. (By the way, it was the last "official" monarch of France, although the Bonaparte dynasty was excluded from the order of succession by the Congress of Vienna). The story shows the some aristocrat making plot against the ruling emperor ("Ba-ta-clan" was their anthem). Than it turns out that neither the Emperor’s close people, nor the head of the plotters are not actual Chinese: all of them are French, found them self in China under different consequence. And the Emperor finds out to be a Frenchman too, double of the previous emperor dreaming to come back to Paris. In fact, the satirical subtext of the operetta is that the current political system, represented by the current government and its opponents, is nothing more than a farce, masquerade when everyone pretends to be who they are not.

It can be assumed that the time and location of the attacks showing their staging, "masquerade" character aimed to hide their true organizers’ intentions from amateurs and opened them to the enlightened persons. The vast majority of affected (both directly and emotionally) people by the drama, without meaning and even realizing it, became an audience of some kind of a TV commercial or participants of the video game with a fatal outcome. The references to Ba-ta-clan shows some plot, aimed not only at Europe, but at the whole world order which, in terms of the plot, is "unreal" (an allusion to the fake Emperor).

A draft new "real" world order is already visible. Persistent chaos and massacre in the Middle East; refugees outflow physically, as some kind of biomass, filling the Old World that they deeply and truly hate and that they never assimilated into; forgetting kinship, charged with madness of “tolerance”, the Europeans greeting with flowers and applause people who obviously will raping and killing them very soon. Attacks, crash, explosion of airplanes become part of ordinary life, while life and death won’t be completely separated from people and given to “the Great Ones of this World." By the way, Germany, according to the football matches scores, will play petty role in the new great world. The middle class is likely to be destroyed as all the attacks in Paris took place in shopping malls, cafes, playgrounds for entertainment that are favorite recreation center where they can show their viability and prosperity. The graphic image of the future social structure is the acute dissected pyramid that has at the top a minority of those who have power and their indentured servants, having knowledge and wealth, and the majority of the population (the notorious 99%) have a status of those who does not know anything and destined to be a cattle for slaughter whose attempts to resist will be harshly suppressed at the very begging. Is it a mixture of “the Middle Ages and modern fascism"? Did John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, really mean commenting on events in France?!

A subtle meanness of the French bloody "Masquerade" is still, in the fact, that the energy of sympathy for the victims of terrorist attacks is also used to promote the above-mentioned agenda. Everyone who lay down flowers at the wall of the French embassy under the TV-cameras today, become, without meaning it, a participator of the globalist elite who calls already for creating a global front against the "international" terrorism, forgetting the historical and geo-political grievances and defying national interests and borders. If you really want to honor victims of the drama, the best thing, you can do, is not to participate in this satanic play, and go to the nearest temple light a candle and pray in silence. To pray for all of us: dead and alive. For the end of story that seems to be out there.