Hollywood Down

Liberland – The New Trojan Horse in The Balkans

Since the moment of its establishing and announcement that it exists, the first question was: What is it and what is it for? Establishing of a new so-called state in the piece of land, under the dispute between Serbia and Croatia last spring, was more than an odd event. The silly guy from Czech Republic, Vit Jehlička, the president of so-called state “Liberland”, said he was fed up with EU, its bureaucracy, its megalomaniac parasite administration which swallowed tax payers money, that he wanted freedom and he was also mentioning the other very big words. The big words were mentioned in the very name of this silly so-called state - “The Free Republic of Liberland”. It is obviously free only in its name, both in English and Latin. It became very clear from the Western bureaucracy that, whenever it calls for freedom, it is actually not. It is usually doing something for someone's interests, but of course, want to appeal on humanity, empathy, etc...

This false state's president claims it has right to exist on no man's land between Croatia and Serbia. Or even worse – the “terra nullius”, part of the land uder the dispute between Serbia and Croatia? What is Liberland, then? Who finances it? Why it exists?

The only thing which is certain about that creation is that it is more present on line, than off line. It has a website, Wikipaedia page, Twitter account, Facebook page. In off line world it has two “diplomatic missions”, placed in two houses in both shores of Danube, in Croatia and Serbia. There are also people answering the land line there. But, as every Western puppet clerk, they also talk like puppets. So, one does not know whether to talk or to wait that automatic voice finishes its recorded speech. Then, it appears it is not a puppet, but a living creature. Does Liberland exist in order to bring the new concept of state? As establishing Israel, seventy years ago, did? Liberland is also a kind of Leviathanic creation, as Israel is, but not based on terror, fear, apartheid and holocaust, as Israel is. Liberland is based on party life and social gatherings followed by lots of fun.

The founder and president of Liberland is going around, visiting countries which want to appoint visit or those who are told to make a reception for him. He meets officials, make some deals, have talks...The other way for building up so-called country's status is interaction with the police. Vit Jehlička founds that his so called state will have better status if he interacts with the police of some other state and if some media house broadcasts that. It is like co-branding in Western neo-liberal economy. But, what the president of Liberland is best in, is throwing parties. On line, off line, with DJs or with bands, on TV, in the news, in humoristic shows. As real party animal, he is proud to invite all the people to come to Liberland for a party or to come elsewhere to a party organized by Liberland. The visitors of the parties are people from the neighbouring countries, fed up with their own puppet government who let the Western quasi-elite, disguised as helpers, to come and occupy their land, then, invitees are refugees from Middle East and Africa, tourists, students,...

Is it enough to come to some interstate space in no man's land, to design a flag, to upload website, to open Twitter and Facebook account in order to make a state?! Who gave the right to that silly man to make a state on the borders of EU? Even if it is as small as 7 square kilometres? Was it Brussells? London? Washington? Berlin? Or it is enough to fill in the forms issued by international administrative institution what kind of information should be submitted that something can be considered a country? Or Vit Jehlička just followed CIA Fact Book and answered the questions listed there, so Liberland can be eligible to become a country?

Montenegro – Mobs Come The First and Leave The Last

Since his appearance in political theatre, Milo Djukanović has been well known for his role metamorphoses, done with smoothness and ease, following the money. From youth leader in Communist Party to mob representative in EU.

Milo Djukanović was definitely hired for the main role in the Hollywood gangsters' film. He transferred from political theatre to gangsters' film, which naturally suits him the most. He was doing good in theatre, but as every Hollywood star, he's got all the background support for one of the most profitable genres – gangsters' genre.

Every structure has its underground, so EU does, as well. Its underground is Montenegro, Kosovo and Metohija, Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina. If it is to be precise, there would be more, but the mentioned spots have been in focus lately.

Montenegro as a country, with Euro as official currency, but not being EU member state looks as silly as Liberland like a country. On the other hand, there are some EU member states which do not have yet Euro as a currency, although being members of EU. So, what kind of sick logic is deployed? Is there a way for common sense to follow? How to understand constant EU appeals for following procedures, administrative acts, to obey the rules? Which procedures? Which rules? From whom to whom? Does Europe just acts how Hollywood directs? And some stars can do something, while some others have to fight a lot to become stars? And some may never become stars, no matter what they do.

It is obvious that Milo Djukanović has always been good in all the dirty jobs, from the beginning of his political mob career. Was it about dirty tobacco smuggling, was it about election trade or political opportunism or utilitarianism, was it about inter-states produced clashes. Whatever. He was always eager to do what some others would not. And, it is not because they are better or he is worse. No. This is what mobs do. Especially if the mob has the entire state mechanism on his disposal - and he worked hard for that. It is not so impossible to infiltrate mobs in the strong state mechanism. It is even easier to do it in the weak ones.

Thanks to the mobs, Montenegro has become European Union's cloak for all the money flows which were not transparent and which did not have the beginning and the end by the financial, fiscal, monetary and all the other rules. Thanks to the mobs, Montenegro is forced to enter NATO. Thanks to the mobs, Montenegro imposed sanctions to Russia (is there anything funnier?!). Thanks to the mobs, Montenegro's citizens became voiceless in their own country. Thanks to the mobs, Albanian mafia heroin money is in Montenegrin banks, converted to euros. Thanks to the mobs, Nathaniel Rothschild has properties in Montenegro. Thanks to the mobs, Montenegro is now a servant to those whose money was given to the mobs in the state administration.

Western quasi-elite and Balkan's quasi leaders have been working together for years to dismantle even the thought about something else, but Euro Atlantic integrations. EU and NATO mantras were repeated so many times in so many different ways, that no one even doubted the final outcome. But, as so many times up to now, it has been proved that natural and cosmic laws do their jobs without any interest for imposed false values, imposed stupidity, imposed mobs who rule by fear, who deprive citizens of basic life needs and rights, who consider themselves invincible. Natural and cosmic laws do not care for false Hollywood glamour, which can attract only shallow minded, empty human forms which do not know who they are, what they are here for, what is human dignity or what is the line that separates human beings from human puppets.

Euro Atlantic quasi-elite, its military group NATO, their puppet governments and mobs went really carried away by the roles given. And they have been here for too long. Who ever underestimates common sense, will be slammed away by that very common sense. And there can be no excuse after that. Even big Hollywood studios failed to make a good plots in order to cover their bosses wrongdoings. But, once the underground of the structure is down, soon the upper ground chiefs of the structure will be down. The EU money laundry is under the changes and the only mechanism which wants to stop dismantling the money laundry is military alliance. Not very convenient response in the moment when NATO shows only stupidity and lack of military honour, but presents itself as military alliance. But, if NATO protects mobs, is it then just an armed wing of the Western quasi-elite and its mobs?