Economic Wars & Military Profiteers


The other big reason for EU/USA trap for Greece was Greek plan to claim WWII reparation pay back from Germany. Europe seemed confused first, but did not give up confusing others. USA went even more insane. It was more than obvious that pressure on Greece will be huge, that EU, USA, Troika and other mechanisms for destruction of the world will not chose means how to confront Greece, after those several steps made by Greek government, which did not show any interest to be a hostage of banksters' world. The Greek debt situation and all the following Summer events showed again Troika's tool in its neocolonial activities toward not so powerful countries which try to release from Troika's criminal chains. That tool is economic terrorism. If we come to economic terrorism, the question raises: is there armed terrorism or it is just colonialism's tool to ease conquering? If certain country wants to do some independent, own business with some other country, which does not include EU/USA official apparatus (governments, mutual international bodies) and unofficial axis of power (World Bank, IMF, rating agencies...), here come Troika with its hidden methods and tools of colonialism, supported by military industrial complex based in Israel. Several days after the disgraceful acts of Troika, especially of EU executives toward Greece, after aggressive pressure, Greece's disaster has continued and brought the division within the Government, ruling party Syriza, Greek citizens. This is what, so called developed world, knows the best. To divide and conquer. It does not calm down until it finishes divisions and conquering. At the same time, it uses behavioural ethics, neural linguistic programming and other tools of psychological warfare that make people unable to confront and looks like that everyone likes sick methods of destruction and killing.

The values and principles commonly recognized as foundations of the state were put aside. The decision of Greek citizens was ran over. Greek citizens were underestimated and not taken seriously as well as their legally elected Government. The pressure was enormous and obliging. The only aim of EU/USA/Troika/IMF was not to disturb the activities of Greek oligarchs, their main partners for years. If Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tzipras had to accept the deal, who could ever know what kind of blackmails were behind the curtains and how far double standards of EU policy can go to? Prime Minister Tzipras officially said that country was under enormous pressure. Finance Minister Varoufakis' resignation, after the referendum (successful from the perspective of Greek citizens and state) was a clear sign that something went wrong. Greece was humiliated and that was the main thing to do in order to lower the value, significance and unity of Greek citizens and its Government in the hard days for Greece.

Just after Greece had to accept the Troika's blackmail, Greek Minister of Defence had to go to Israel, the state which produces apartheid and holocaust toward other nations and even to the part of its own citizens. Tel Aviv has announced that Greece and Israel made extraordinary military agreement. Mainstream media have spread happiness about it and said that, somehow, Greece has to be happy, because up to now, only USA has that kind of special military agreement with Israel. Interesting. How Greece deserved that special treatment? Who should be proud because of that deal and who should be honoured to work with Israel? USA, Greece or both? Is it a part of new manual for neocolonialism? First come international financial institutions, hiding behind senseless numbers and accountings which put country in debt positions at the first place, without giving it an option, then comes the further machinery threat by financial black out and forceful reconstruction of country's public sector and then comes Israel as a tool of military and security repression.

Why every country in debt has to use Israeli military and security products and be proud of it?What is the purpose of stupid number games and language programming if not to distract and to redirect attention? Why it always appears that after financial and economic catastrophe of some country, sooner or later, it is paid a visit from both USA and Israel weapons producers or dealers? Or, even worse, the officials of the Governments have to travel to Washington DC or to Tel Aviv to meet the officials of unofficial Israeli state to make official and internationally recognized contracts – economic, military-industrial, security, cultural, technological.. One does not need to be a conspiracy admirer not to see that. One only has to be stupid if not seeing that. But, stupidity is not curable. Stupidity can deliver fear, fear can continue toward hate and here there is destructive cocktail of different tools for manipulations, destruction and colonization.

The military circus macabre performed by USA (and its chief Israel), EU, NATO and their official and unofficial troops, mercenaries made for rising tensions with Russia, for destruction of Europe, Middle East, Central Asia brings Globe to the boiling point.

Ukraine is another obvious example of so strong intention to produce a silent war zone right beside Russian border in order to reprogramme the First Cold War situation – not because the situation in the field is the same, but because West lack ideas, West lacks humanity, West lacks smart people and strategists to solve problems. The things West has are: the policy of neocolonialism covered by the empty ideological phrases (worse than ex Eastern block ever had), imposed national debt to different countries based on the worthless US dollar as basic value, blackmailing by military-industrial complex, idiocracy in educational systems and in popular culture, media manipulation and censorship in disguise of important things, allowing obscurities and vulgarities at the same time and define them as freedom. Both personal and social value systems have been turned upside down by technological changes and those constant changes give the opportunities to manipulate, confuse, destroy, distract and humiliate humans, nations, societies. EU and USA are able only to copy and paste. As one wise man said once: if you keep doing the same things and expect different results, it is a clear sign of stupidity. And that is the case with so called developed world. The only thing it shows is more and more stupidity. Their actions are predictable and their propaganda machineries became silly, comparing to real world powers'.

West would like that Ukraine is its puppet in a free market, but West do not like that Ukraine pays free market prices for the natural gas from Russia. EU would like to deploy Russian natural resources, but would not like to pay for them any market price. EU would like to have discount. But EU would not like to make any concessions to Russia and its interests. It wants to command to Russia. It plays stupid game to declare Russian diplomatic and strategic position as violent and unfair – that is the game every coward plays – the game in which the attack is the best defence. Western world also overtook dirty Israeli strategy of wining and complaining every time when it can, weather there is reason or not. West does not like that Russia has started to treat Ukraine as Western world having in mind prices for natural gas. EU does want the rest of ex Soviet republics within the process of integration to EU, but it suddenly understood that it will not be easy to deploy Russian natural resources as EU likes it. Some ex Soviet republics have already accepted EU rule of heavy bureaucracy and even heavier stupidity. It is late for them to defend their citizens and their resources. But, they are a good example of double Western standards – West considers them Western countries in the things it suits to the West, but at the same time considers them Soviet/Russian if it is for something valuable to be extracted from them for a good price.

What connects Ukrainian and Greek crisis? What makes them similar? Did Europe come to the point when situation on its South East is the same as the situation at its North East? Is there sufficient reason to compare Greece and Ukraine?

EU and USA made very big effort in Ukraine to dismantle every possibility of Russian influence in Ukrainian political life and to promote Neonazis of Ukraine. On the other side, EU and USA made very big effort to lower the significance of leftist party Syriza in Greece and considered it not such a big power. What came after last Winter's Greek elections was a surprise. As Greece has been tending to act like Iceland toward EU bureaucracy and international banking system, EU started to use Ukraine to make additional chaos, because it was confused with new generation of Greek politicians and their behaviour. Not just confused, but stupid enough not to know what to do. And EU did the only thing it is good at. It made new clashes in Ukraine, it produced bigger problems in order to cover smaller ones, instead of solving them. Ukrainian puppet government is a very good partner to EU for dirty works on the North East of Europe, near Russian border. North East was a tool to cover up South East problems. South East was a tool to cover up North East problems.

Although Russia and its gas lines can appear as the problem solver for many situations in South East Europe (between Macedonia and Greece, between Turkey and Greece), there are hard core forces to stop the Russian impact on Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia. The artificial technological world, developed in USA tries to change natural order and to redistribute natural resources by technological forces wrongly deployed toward narrow minded projections of the world. Luckily, there are humans who can use and not misuse technological developments. Or at least to deploy them for the sake of humanity, not for the sake of psychologically sick individuals and groups hungry for power because of personal disorders and frustrations.

USA's and EU's fascistic and nazi approach shows their hidden intentions, whatever they openly speak and announce. They deploy sectors of international community in charge of economic affairs as vanguard of open neocolonialism, disguised as terrorism. By weakening countries in economic wars, they put them into dependent position. By threatening them military, they get economically what they want. In other words, it is easier to divide country, to sell weapons to all the sides in the clashes, which they will use to kill each other, while conqueror is standing aside and watch, waiting the right moment to overtake everything. Much easier than to deploy lots of own troops... And, according to old Jewish rule: bribe every one you can, blackmail everyone you can, in order to dismantle society easier and to infiltrate in it for own needs and plans. It is much easier to overtake a country with developed infrastructure and to adjust it for own use than to build a new one from the scratch – but where to build it? It implies colonialism at the beginning.

Economic slavery became a tool of neocolonialisms in the parts of the world where it is not so easy to conduct wars, because the country is near “first class” EU countries. It also became obvious that it is not easy to play war games near to Russian border. The frustrations with Russian territory, the biggest country in the world, became obvious both in Greek and Ukrainian crisis. It showed that Russia can have impact on two EU members, far away from each other, on two strategic points which EU/USA are trying to deploy for their dirty works and for covering of their killing machineries.

USA was a good teacher to its apprentice EU in the business of changing the governments in the countries which do not act according to the plan USA has for the world. It is more that stupid and funny how EU became USA's puppet in its lucrative business of changing the governments. EU became another corporation, used by USA' dark power and Prime Ministers of puppet governments became like CEOs of big corporations. EU became USA's Trojan horse in Europe's traditions and cultures. It became more than obvious that EU/USA do not have any other plan than destruction of existing world in order to create their own, by their own narrow minded interests. And, having in mind the newest events, police state are installed in EU. Schengen does not exist any more; polices, instead of armies are taking care of the borders in key European states. USA plan of spreading police state world wide has spread over Atlantic. And EU is falling apart, if its main establishing pillars are to be considered.