Hungary ready

The EU’s border powers started feeling the increasing pressure from migrants. The leaders of Hungary which is overflowed by streams of refugees who surged into the country through Serbia on the way to Germany are ready to apply army in protection of the borders. France and Germany, hidden behind the border countries, as seniors, teach the younger brothers on the Union to tolerances, quotas of refugees and to other European values. They do not offer help however in protection of the united Union’s boundaries. It is not their problem after all but trouble of some Greece or Hungary.

In general ideologists of the European Union prove once again that they are together with everybody not only at the moments of satiety and prosperity, but at the time of a crisis one shouldn't wait help from the founders of the European Union, the most powerful countries in finance and economics. A certain "concern" is expressed, Angela Merkel and François Hollande are anxious and so on and so forth.

The prime minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán for some reason is going to cover the border not with "concern" and "alarm" of Hollande and Merkel because they help poorly, but by real armed forces of his own country. Soldiers and army are somehow more understandable and more effective, than the French and German concern by current situation.

Hungary is concerned not only by the flow of refugees from Serbia. The country is anxious about the position of Hungarians in the Ukrainian Zakarpatye. After the events in Mukachevo this spring and in the summer the neighboring to Ukraine countries including Poland, Hungary and Romania recalled their territorial claims to the homeland of "maidans".

The territory of Ukraine which inherited many lands from neighbors following the results of World War II considerably increased at the expense of all countries around. And now, when legitimacy of Ukraine is under a big question, especially in connection with its desire to refuse completely of all Soviet inheritance, certainly, some forces appeared who are interested in helping Ukraine to leave this inheritance. The part of the Carpathians, for example, historically belonged to Hungary, and even now the considerable part of the population of Zakarpatye consists of Hungarians.

On the way to democracy and the western values it is accepted to respect a so-called restitution, that is return of illegally aloof property to its lawful owners. In this case Ukraine will be simply obliged to return to Hungary the lands belonging to it under the law. Especially as Ukraine attached them against the will, but according to the will of the USSR occupying this unfortunate country.

There are no refugees from Ukraine yet on the territory of Hungary however congestions of the Hungarian army for some reason are deployed not only on border with Serbia, but also on border with Ukraine in spite of the refugees run mostly to Russia but not to Hungary. Probably, the Hungarian army is there for some other reasons. It is quite possible that it is there because Hungary wants to help Ukraine which aspire to the European Union to get rid of the Soviet heritage completely, including the lands which were illegally bought by Ukraine and which only constrain its prompt progress and development as well as the monuments to Lenin and other figures of the USSR.