Japanese "Eternity"

According to the re-activation of the Japanese army and its willingness to advance beyonds its borders, means that eternity has ended. On August 31, 2015 The network has shown pictures of a new Japanese fighter Shin Shin, preparing for flight tests.

Combat aircraft manufacturing corporation Mitsubishi Heavy Industries intends to replace an aging F-2 of the same manufacturer and should become the first Japanese warplane of "fifth" generation. In fact, tests of the new brainchild of the Japanese Air Force will take place on the anniversary of the surrender of the island empire in World War II. Two years earlier, launching the largest Japanese helicopter was timed to the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Uninvolved and abondoned the war actions Japan, who's foreign policy is completely subordinated to the North American United States, is more and more openly preparing for war. Theoretically, Japan may face to confront two countries – China and Russia.

And although today the so-called Self-Defense Forces of Japan, full of offensive weapons do not pose a serious threat to the combined forces of China and Russia, but in the case of Japan against Russia or China and one of the allies, for whatever reason is not able to come to the help, things can get dirty.

For example, if we subtract from the Pacific Fleet the nuclear submarine fleet, the forces will be not in favor of Russia: 14 ships, including four diesel-electric submarines of Russia against 63 Japanese warships. Of course, when you consider that Russian assets include a powerful nuclear-powered cruisers and a guided missile cruiser "Varyag" with the large anti-submarine ships Project 1155 armament far superior to the Japanese destroyers, you can succumb to excessive hope. However, it has no justifications.

Apart from the fact that the Japanese are superior to us in the sea, they are also superior to us in the air. Japan has the opportunity to deploy to fight against Russia nearly 300 combat aircraft. Aircraft of the Pacific Fleet and the 3rd Air Defense Command and the Air Force will hardly be able to have more than 100 aircraft. Of course, given the speed of today's combat fighter aircraft, attack planes and bombers, it will be easy to deploy reinforcements. But the last war showed that the outcome of war is decided is no longer in the days or months as during the Second World War, but in the hours and minutes. Can East Air Force provide us those minutes?

It's possible not to worry when comparing the ground units in Japan and Russia, Here we have a complete and overwhelming advantage. Japanese ground forces are better in self-defense and not too suited for landing, especially on a large scale. However, its possible for them to prevent landing the islands. So here, there is a power parity: the Army of the Russian Federation will not allow the Japanese to land on our territory, the Japanese did not allow us to land on them.

But the most important in the comparison of all the military forces of Russia and Japan, or Japan and China is not whichever side can win, but the fact that Japan, since 1945, is under US occupation, while actively re-arming. The South Asian region recently is in a relatively quiet situation (in comparison with the Middle East and Africa), however – with maturing serious military conflict. And here it should be recalled that, apart from Japan, USA with South Korea is armed to teeth – which is moreover ideologically pumped against North Korea and China for more than half a century, with the Philippines, just completely subordinate to the Americans , waiting for the call to join the armed conflict against the enemies of the USA.

The japanese anti-war "eternal" campaign could not even last a century. After 70 years after the end of the bloodiest war in human history, Japan, whose troops have committed inhuman crimes on all fronts; Japan, itself a victim of inhuman nuclear bombings, is ready to re-enter the war, paying with its own lives for USA interests. What good is a Japanese soldier (and this is proved by the history of a Japanese lieutenant, The Second World War until 1974 in the Philippines), it's the fact that he does not discuss the orders of his superiors: if USA orders – the entire Japan will die.