The United States Must Dissolve, If America Is To Survive

When one speaks of the “United States,” one actually means the American governmental-military complex. And when one speaks of “America,” one can only mean the American landscape (or country) and the diverse ethnicities which populate the land from coast to coast. When one makes reference to the “American people” (a common mistake in political speeches), one is referring to something that has never existed. There is no such thing as the American people – only a diverse plethora of peoples who happen to live under the same national banner and who are all subject to the same federal laws. So in fact, when politicians, pundits, professors and others use the expression “the American people,” they do so erroneously. Again, a singular American ethnos has never existed – unless of course one considers the American Indians, who are the only “Americans” that have a justifiable historical claim to the entire North American continent.

Nevertheless, a rigorous ongoing process of non-Native colonization has been underway for the past four centuries. The colonizers themselves have come from every habitable country on the planet. I cannot in good conscience refer to them as either “immigrants” or “settlers” simply because the land they colonized (and continue to colonize) happens to be stolen property, taken from the American Indians (or Natives) by force of arms. Of course the great majority of the colonizers came from Europe. This majority was collectively responsible for perpetrating three great evils: (1) the mass genocide of the Native population, (2) the enslavement of tens of millions of Africans, and (3) the creation of an ideological Beast called “Americanism.” It is the latter of the three evils which is the main topic of this essay.

First of all, the reader must understand Americanism is and always has been inseparably tied to the plutocratic U.S. system of liberal democracy and the brazen rule of money. Americanism has never cared a damn about the “vast unwashed masses” of its citizenry, which is to say the laboring classes and the working poor. On the contrary, Americanism has only concerned itself with their continual exploitation, alongside the exploitation of every foreign and non-white population with which the U.S. government has come into contact.

To put it another way: Americanism is the hypocritical and fundamentally liberal worldview which accurately represents a system founded on the poisonous principles of Freemasonry (i.e. liberalism and hyper-individualism) and ruled by the money-grubbing mitts of International Finance. This exploitative system was neither born in 1913 with the founding of the Federal Reserve nor in 1865 with the capitulation of the Confederacy – such arguments are spurious pieces of disinformation propagated by those whose ancestors absolutely reveled in the oppression and genocide of non-whites and foreigners.

In all honesty the exploitation began in the early 17th century and was finally codified into law with the founding of the artificial union of English-speaking commercial enterprises known as the “United States of America.” In other words, the ideological basis of white supremacy in North America was founded right alongside the liberal republic itself. The name of this maniacal ideology is: “Americanism.” The process of cultural and biological genocide it submits its unfortunate victims to is called “Americanization.” Therefore “Americanism,” “Americanization,” and the vast universe of decadence which these words represent and spawn, ought to be despised by every peace-loving human being everywhere.

And so, the very first thing that must be done is to pursue, by whatever means, the complete and total collapse of the artificial District of Columbia Empire known as the “United States.” This is a fundamental prerequisite if the human race is to survive on the North American continent and globally. From the time of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the Indian wars, to the U.S.’s ongoing genocide of Arabs and Afghanis, to the endless police brutality committed everyday against the working-poor and people of color, the United States government has only recognized one cardinal rule: might makes right – the primary mindset of all criminals and aggressor regimes.

In consideration of the above, the U.S. citizenry must eventually come to the realization (hopefully sooner rather than later) that no amount of voting through the duopolistic liberal democratic system is going to ameliorate or reverse the current status quo. Just as Greek and Turkish patriots alike sought the demise of the totally corrupted Ottoman Empire a century ago, so must all true American nationalists look to cast off the yoke of the U.S. Federal Government and its increasingly militarized system of state-sponsored intimidation and violence. This is neither a Democratic nor Republican issue; this is an issue of basic survival.

To think like many U.S. “conservatives” – who still do not comprehend that there is nothing in the U.S. system worth conserving – is the absolute zenith of stupidity. Such conservatives, who wish to somehow turn back the clock constitutionally while ignoring the fact that the Constitution ceased being a relevant document long, long ago, must be counted among the ranks of our enemies. Who could logically dispute the fact that in this system of legalized bribery the Pro-War and Christian Zionist lobbies are strongest in conservative, dare I say constitutionalist, circles? These “conservative” useful idiots do the bidding of their Wall Street masters while they surreptitiously assist in the further corporeal desecration of the same Dead Document (the same liberal idol) they clamor so vehemently to support. There can be no greater example of sublime irony!

Ultimately, however, we must understand the broader significance and implications of the conservative chicanery, as these willing accomplices (indeed, hired hitmen) of International Finance condemn an entire species to certain extinction for the temporary satisfaction of collecting their 40 shekels of silver. Have no illusions, you “constitutionalists” reading this – you who believe the U.S. Constitution is an end in itself! Your sacred text was flawed from the very beginning – and it finally died as a result of the same fatal Disease which its slave-holding authors originally spawned: GREED.

Indeed, it was the framers of the U.S. Constitution who, guided by their Enlightenment era “wisdom,” provided the blueprint for a Government which is tailor-made for the total plutocratic corruption of the political process. Whether or not the framers were cognizant of this is immaterial. This is where the Freemasons come into the equation.

In addition to his unequalled prowess as a master deceiver, the Freemason is also a Materialist. In fact he is a hyper-Materialist. Likewise, U.S. society is but a hyper-Materialist expression of liberal Freemasonic domination, a society reflecting the values of its Freemason overlords – one of total egoism and self-deceptive amusement, of endless themes yet no substance. Hence all the “theme” and “amusement” parks of immediate gratification and the endless shopping malls of consumerism where everything is viewed as “merchandise.”

In this dystopian Shylock society: flesh is a commodity, death is an industry, and human misery is a stock to be traded on the exchange like everything else. Suffering is both the true U.S. currency and the highest cause of the State – it is the raison d’etre of State power.

Hence the prison industry, the criminal injustice system, the federal war for drugs, the War on Terra (i.e. Earth), government sponsored perversion in its support for homosexual rights, the Israeli child-porn and prostitution rings, etc., etc. Once people wise up to the Great American Charade, they will come to the inevitable conclusion that the present U.S. system is in fact the most evil system that has ever plagued the peoples of the earth. They will come to the further realization that all of the above-mentioned ills (increasing criminalization, endless wars, the homosexual agenda, child exploitation, etc.) are inevitable precisely because they are supported by that infamous Document of Death – the Nosferatu of all political treatises: the U.S. Constitution.

Indeed, this liberal paper idol is buried deep inside the realm of the dead. And its foul stinking Mausoleum (the U.S. Government) stands brazen with its artificial system of subsidiary “states” which are nothing of the sort, but only localized tentacles of the overarching Federal and Global Capitalist tyranny.

Clamor all you want, you poor misguided U.S. “patriots,” about your “blessed” Declaration and your “sacred” Bill of Rights! But in reality, you have no rights. You have no actual freedom of speech – consider, for example, the cases of Edward Snowden and Joy Powell. Likewise, your right to bear arms was buried alongside 80 Branch Davidians murdered by federal storm-troopers in the infamous Waco siege. Some might even say the Second Amendment was buried with Robert E. Lee. And if you actually believe that the police are your “friends,” perhaps the good people of Ferguson, Missouri might like to have a word with you. As for your “freedom of the press,” this means nothing but freedom for the richest one-percent to increase their riches by continually propagating decadence and treason. As for “trial by jury,” it does not exist for those who exercise their “right” to “pursue happiness” or the lifestyle they choose to lead. Just ask Randy Weaver – a law-abiding U.S. citizen who saw his wife, 14-year-old son and loyal canine shot dead by an army of federal agents who, for political reasons, descended upon his home at Ruby Ridge.

I, the author, can cite many more examples of blatant U.S. tyranny, but for the sake of time, space and staying true to the topic of this essay, I will cease. For now, it suffices to say that all of the rights a U.S. citizen might think he or she possesses are nothing more than an illusion, a myth, a deliberate con – or better, a Con-stitution.

Thus, it is absolutely crucial that patriotic North Americans fight for the collapse of the genocidal anti-human entity known as the United States. The collapse of this system is the fundamental first step in freeing all human beings worldwide; as it was in the last days of the morally bankrupt Roman Empire, so it is today. When the plug is finally pulled on DC and Wall Street, so also will the lingering NATO and EU puppet shows come to an abrupt end. To believe (as many Western European right-wingers do) that a vacillating coalition of European civic nationalist parties in Brussels will somehow cast off the yoke of U.S. imperialism is the summit of political naiveté, as Brussels is itself a well-entrenched subsidiary organ of said imperialism.

Worse yet is the prevailing notion among many “White Nationalists” that an increasingly militarized and ethnic chauvinist United States (or Western Europe) will somehow swoop in to save the West from any further decadence. These folks paradoxically subscribe to a set of liberally-derived racist principles which they believe will somehow save themselves from the same liberally-derived decadence which permeates their society. Their thinking is nothing less than delusional!

Indeed, many are so fanatically racist that they are blind to what must be done – oblivious to the fact that salvation does not lie in hating other races, but rather in destroying the governmental-military complex which controls their very lives. They lose sight of the fact that it is the United States that must be slain like the fire-breathing dragon it most certainly is. And that can only be accomplished (short of a global apocalypse) from the inside with the assistance of a Global Revolutionary Alliance – one which represents all anti-U.S. forces on both the Left and the Right, and which includes revolutionaries of all races, nationalities, tongues and tribes; a Global Revolutionary alliance which is well versed in the ways of 21st warfare – from cyber-attacks to political and economic sabotage, to real-world military operations.

Thus, all anti-liberals and anti-U.S. nationalists – regardless of race, culture and political orientation – are the natural enemies of the United States as well as the natural allies of the North American anti-Globalist resistance. Be they Black Panthers, Aztlan militants, Southern secessionists or whomever – all those who seek the demise of the United States Government are our comrades in arms. Our chief enemies: the political class, Big Business, the various pro-Globalist lobbies, the U.S. military, and the federal, state and local police agencies which act as the armed muscle – the mafia hitmen (as it were) – for the first three groups.

Finally then, upon the USA’s collapse, a natural realignment of North American regions will occur, wherein the regions will have much greater control over their own destinies – not only in trade and commerce, but also in the realms of politics, culture, education, medicine, civil and administrative law, and more freedom still.

Once the three-pronged power grip of the Pentagon, Wall Street and Hollywood (the military/political-economic-cultural nerve centers of “USA-dom”) are smashed, a series of organic regional states will emerge based on culture, ethnicity and geographic attachment. These states will then naturally join the new multipolar world order championed first and foremost by the burgeoning Eurasian Union. The new ethno-cultural-geopolitical alignment on the North American continent will set an example for all nations to follow.

Thus shall the dissolution of the USA be heralded as a New Beginning in song and saga. And thus shall the birth of a true multipolar world order usher in the long awaited Cosmic Dawn of the human species.