All Roads lead to Palestine

That is why, for the sake of humanity, roads should never lead to any colonial empire the kind Rome was. But, reality is different. As if the new colonial empires tend to be as Roman was. What is the use of history if no one learns from it? Or, which history to have in mind, if history is written by winners, but winners are not always the same.

Today's humanity is witnessing both exploding and imploding of contemporary self proclaimed the only empire left, but avoiding to mention word colonial. Maybe it is not the only empire left, but it is definitely the only empire which starts open colonial wars, claiming that it only wants to bring democracy and peace. Isn't it easier not to start war in order to get peace, if peace is the goal? It appears that neocolonialists cooperate with old colonialists. The old ones lost territories they've occupied and, obviously, they do not like it. The new ones never had occupied territories and, obviously they do not like it. This forms a perfect alliance between old and new colonialism. Old colonialists are allies and mentors to new ones. They help them with their experiences and acquired knowledge, mechanisms and other kinds of activities in order to do things better this time. Old colonialist have concessions in new colonialists set ups. New colonialists are as brutal as the old ones...Together they make deadly combination for some countries and their traditional soils.

As post global feudalism is taking over very fast around the world and Middle East is burning alive, one has to ask oneself: What is it for? For whom? Why Middle East is constantly being emptied out of its native citizens?

The new, ongoing disaster started with citizens of Palestine. The burning of Middle East started with disintegrating of Palestine and its traditional non-belligerence toward all its citizens, no matter of nation, religious views or origin. XX century has started with the exodus of Palestinians from Palestine. XXI has started with the exodus of other Middle Eastern nations. Does it have any sense that so-called developed world is overpopulated, but the endless flows of people are heading from Middle East exactly to that overpopulated developed world, to Europe; which partly does not want them, partly has to want them. After all, Middle Eastern countries were destroyed by Euro Atlantic army.

With the exodus of Palestinians from Palestine, modus operandi was made. Everything became easier. It was not about commodities, goods, … It was about establishing the ground for neocolonialism on social, political, religious level, which will be done remotely. The presence of the armies was not a must, it was more a tool of special war this time. Because, all the so called special wars had become regular ones. From cognitive psychology for mass manipulations and behavioural ethics for changing social grounds, political and other types of groups or communities to war on terror, unofficial air strikes and so on. These wars are more important in order to dig deep into society's culture and organization. Trade and economy were put in the second place – it was important to exercise power toward new rules on basic human and social levels. But, as the world is divided and scaled in the age of post global feudalism, so the powers and rights are. Some are more equal than others. It is the consequence of the new rules. Those new rules are not valid for everyone. The new rules mean that some people have one set of rights and obligations and some other people have other set of rights and obligations. If they interact in any kind of way, the consequences of their activities would not be treated in the same way. Which already makes good circumstances for further clashes.

What if Palestinian would respond violently to violence which they live with on a daily basis, in their already occupied country? What if Governments, both in West Bank and Gaza, whatever their differences are, do not act as they do and inspire counter violence on a bigger scale than individual people's decisions are? What if The State of Palestine would be a warmonger in the region, instead of reasonable and diplomatic partner in all so called peace talks and other on going or frozen processes? What would happen in the Middle East? What would happen in all the countries which are at least a little bit peaceful these days? But, Palestine is deprived from the right even to defend, even under occupation.

Yaser Arafat once said that Palestine is the cement that holds Arab world together or it is the explosive that blows it apart.

Having in mind present situation and circumstances on The Globe, as well as genesis of the occupation of Palestine and other Middle Eastern countries lately, it would not be much of a daring to say that Palestine is the cement that holds world together or it can be its explosive to blow it apart.

International community or more precise so called developed world - those countries which claim being democratic, open societies do not show any tendency or effort to calm down any crisis zone worldwide. So it is with The Middle East, the epicentre of all crises. If the point of displacing native Middle Eastern population is to empty it of them in order to bring some other citizens or to make some other cultural, religious, social background, then it has to be said, again, that it all started with exodus of Palestinians. It is ending with the exodus of Syrians, Iraqis and other people from Middle East and, Central Asia, too.

After the so called Nuclear deal made between international community and Iran, there are some signs that there is a possibility to calm down the situation in The Middle East. It appeared that this specific matter became good evaluating point for different countries and their behaviours in The Middle East. Is any deal better than no deal, after years of very strange situations going on? Is any deal better than no deal in order to lower the possibility of new nuclear war activities – if that is the case? Or, it is better to warmonger and to spread fear of some imaginary threats from Iran, which were never proved and at the same time to avoid IAEA's inspections, responsibility for obvious crimes, state terrorism, apartheid and killing people, one by one, from babies to elderlies? Is it acceptable for average common sense to approve that the only country which ever decided to nuke other country raises tensions even when the deal is achieved? It was several days ago when the world could remember again how it went with people and soil when someone dropped nuclear bombs. Even seventy years after, the consequences are unmeasurable.

There is a good saying in English: What goes around, comes around. If neo colonialism started with colonizing Palestine, is there a chance that a circle will have to be closed in Palestine, having in mind natural and cosmic orders which can never be avoided, whatever military industrial complex is trying to push forward? Or, there will be some amount of common sense to stop destroying Middle East, one of the cradles of cultures so proudly inherited in Europe? Is there a sufficient reason to detect burning problems, who cause them, who inspires them, who executes wrong doings and on whose behalf, before it is to late? Even if Palestine remains calm, acting within the frame of diplomacy and international law, the problem is not solved, experience has shown. Obviously. It is also obvious that the rules are not the same for everyone. Iranian nuclear deal showed that there are countries which do not have to obey any international rules of law, but still being eligible for judging and disapproving exactly those who act toward international law. What is the purpose of international laws, then?

Palestinians did not drop the olive branch up to now – both in West Bank and in Gaza Strip, even if there are differences between Palestinian officials or internal clashes from time to time – different opinions living together – isn't it the heritage of democracy, after all? If someone defends when attacked, there is legitimate right to defend. And especially if a part of the country is occupied by illegal citizens from other countries and the other part of the country is under the siege and presents the biggest unofficial jail in the world. Palestinians are still holding the olive branch which Yaser Arafat left them, but there are some other hands which want to cut the hands bearing the olive branch in order to have the argument that they see guns only.

Did so called developed world go so insane? To talk about freedom, democracy, equality, fraternity, peace, but at the same time to act contrary to talking: develop and improve weapons – traditional, of mass destruction, AI, bio/nano-tech? Not using science for helping humanity, but develop tools for destruction of the life on Earth. Descartes was pointing out an Evil Genius in his Meditations.

But, there is an eternal counter tool for all evil geniuses of all kinds – that is a smile. Not a zombie smile when the eyes are empty and not smiling, like in Hollywood, in mainstream mass media in so called developed world. Not that smile. But, the smile of Palestinian young men while IOF arrests them. The smile of Yaser Arafat, whose birthday is today.