Geopolitical Illusion of the Middle East

One must admit that this struggle will last until the last moment of universal time. So, the struggle in Iraq compared with any other struggle for freedom was a natural and progressive one. It might have taken time but it had its own “place and pace” to produce fruit in favor of the population.

Corporate politicians of the United States and the West always play tricks with this natural but universal struggle for humanity’s freedom. Through the media, they may fabricate a fake event into a ‘struggle’ and strife making you feel like there is only this ‘struggle’ which exists in this world. They will make you blind so that you cannot see the real struggle of freedom, justice, land and bread. And of course, they are showing us the ‘unseen’. Politics to them is coated with trickery and corporate politicians are becoming the great illusionists. Here I will try to talk about a political illusion in Iraq and the Middle East, which is meant to take more blood and lives in future.

Meanwhile, you all know more than what is needed to be known about ISIS or ISIL or IS. It is a de facto state of armed Islamist terrorists. I am not criticizing here the brutality of IS nor am I glorifying its action; the world famous political media and think-tanks are already on their full time duty on it. I will try to focus rather on a different angle to which nobody is paying attention.

The United States, the foremost forerunner of the global democracy, started an invasion in the name of democracy and freedom by uprooting Saddam Hossain’s state system which, the US and its allies claimed, had a huge storage of weapons of mass destruction and Saddam had connections with al-Qaeda. The world knows that the West has its global consent-making machinery with which they fix the moral and humanism of the world. They used that system fully and initiated the war on Iraq using those false claims.

When the western allies waged a mission killing nearly 200,000 people in Iraq, the whole media had gradually been getting busy with reports and entrainments of US soldiers being killed in action in Iraq. What a drama! A war must have causalities; those soldiers had not gone there to play football. War or invasion or whatever you name is an assault against a huge organization of people. So, casualty is an acceptable fact in a war. US casualty was diminutive compared with the Iraqis, where the US casualty was 4,486 in contrast with 200,000 Iraqis during that nearly decade-long war in Iraq.

Readers must remember that the violent resistance emerges from the immense sense of survival from the defenders when an outer force attacks fiercely. Here we see that the United States had failed to manage the socio-politico-scientific impact of the war in Iraq. For instance, from 2003 to 2011, when the US military had a presence in Iraq, they tried to promote and install democracy but they found it impossible to infuse a Western ideology, when the local people refused to accept US-designed democracy and freedom. Later even, the United States found not a single pile of weapons of mass destruction, neither connections of al-Qaeda with the Saddam regime; rather during those eight years of war, they frequently instigated and nurtured sectarian crisis, knowingly or unknowingly, as an escape route from this crisis. They lied to the world.

The Middle East has become an interesting place for understanding and experimenting with world politics for centuries. The two basic reasons are its sense of ultra-tribalism and lack of scientific management of their natural wealth. All domestic and international political chaos in the Middle East is based on these two factors where only local people suffer and the West is getting richer, by bargaining wealth with the locals and selling arms to them. Foreign parasites can make you a host if your immune system is not working well. So, the crisis in the Middle East will never be solved if we do not focus on those basic sources. No matter how many Arab Spring protests you are organizing for a favorable political atmosphere for the Western corporations.

Before 2003, al-Qaeda, which was trained and funded by the CIA during the Afghan war with the Soviets, had presence only in Afghanistan. Later it expanded to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other Arab and African countries. The world knew that the United States has been fighting terrorism with sufficient support since 2001, and just after 12 years, we see, in the name of fighting, they somehow helped those terrorists to grow more rapidly with the latest violent versions throughout the Middle East! Can we say, US go home, you are drunk!?

Now, the above mentioned corporation-led political illusion termed struggle for freedom and its installation, is a tool to manage population in favor of the state and the politicians whereas in Iraq, Saddam Hossain was doing comparably good by creating illusions of unity in his state territory the head of the state in a contrast with the fact that he did not kill 200,000 Arabs and did not destroy 50 per cent of the country with bombs within 10 years as the United States and its Western allies did in Iraq as an invading force, with the illusion of freedom and democracy. They might think about freedom and democracy for the Iraqis but forget about the illusion of sovereignty of an independent country. As a result, the inner struggle against the invading force had been searching for new illusions of freedom; it needed new adaptation techniques with the developing circumstances. Finally, the inner struggle of Iraq and Syria adopts a 1,300 years old prophecy and a Kalashnikov.

The way the IS crisis is being solved by the West has a potential to become an epidemic all around the world. This war, without solving the sectarian crisis, without the pacification between Syrian and Turkish governments, without showing friendly gestures by the neighboring countries towards the Iraqi and Syrian governments, without thinking of rehabilitation for the affected people psychologically and physically during the war, without the wise collective strategy of the stakeholders for Iraq, Syria and the Middle East on this grave issue can lead the Middle East only into a long-lasting chaos.

It is already clear that bombing from the sky and military operation cannot solve this problem; on the other hand, in the near future, it may draw the event into a final stage of the proxy war in the Middle East which will eventually spread more to eat up the world’s peace, progress and stability where no one will be safe.