U.S. Homosexual Envoy Wants Brazil in New International Pro-Sodomy Coalition to Deflect Accusations of US “Cultural Imperialism”

He attended Gay Pride Parade in Brazil and hoisted the homosexual rainbow flag just by the US flag in the US Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil provides many positive and inspiring examples in the homosexual cause. This is the opinion of the US Department of State Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons, Randy Berry. He talked to homosexual activists and Brazilian authorities.

His four-day visit to Brazil, from June 6-9, included two days in São Paulo, for contacts with homosexual groups and participation in the Gay Pride Parade. In Brasília, Brazil’s capital, he met high-rank foreign affairs officials. In Rio de Janeiro, he met authorities and homosexual activists in the U.S. Consulate General, where he hoisted the homosexual rainbow flag just by the US flag. According to Berry, the US and Brazilian governments have similar interests and concerns in the homosexual issue.

His trip to Brazil comes three years after the State Department’s December 2011 launch of its Global Equality Fund, an initiative that partners with public and private entities to support programs that advance the homosexual agenda worldwide, including by funding homosexual initiatives. According to C-Fam, “The Global Equality Fund, which has disbursed $7 million since its launch in 2011, has expanded with the help of Nordic countries and private sector partners. Obama has announced an additional $12 million in the fund” in 2013.

As the special envoy for homosexual rights, Berry is leading the State Department’s efforts to work with governments, civil society and the private sector through the Global Equality Fund.

The homosexual flag will remain flying for one week in the US Consulate in Rio. U.S. provisional consul general Michael Yoder said, “This flag shows our support to LGBT community. It is an honor and a privilege that the U.S. and LGBT flags are together in these days.”

In its official Twitter in Portuguese, the U.S. Embassy in Brazil said about Berry’s visit, “Diversity makes us richer, exclusion poorer.”

In an interview with Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, Berry explained his trip’s purpose: to create a coalition of nations to advocate the homosexual agenda. He said, “It is harder to ignore criticism if it comes only from the U.S., but with several nations expressing concerns, it is more effective.”

Brazil has been active in other U.S. pro-sodomy coalitions. The “Core LGBT Group,” a U.S. coalition in the UN system, includes Brazil, European Union and Israel. It is committed to “concerted action” for the homosexual agenda in the UN. These coalitions are important to deflect accusations that the homosexual agenda is part of U.S. imperialistic ambitions.

Berry came to Brazil to involve Brazilian officials and leaders in other coalitions. He said that “Brazil and the U.S. are very close” in the homosexual issues and he made clear he was “also very excited about potential partnership opportunities for the future.”

A career foreign service officer, Berry took up the first post for a global homosexual envoy in the U.S. and world history in April and he is traveling far and wide to amplify the message that the homosexual agenda is an essential part of the U.S. foreign policy agenda. This post was idealized by former State Department Secretary Hillary Clinton.

With his trip to Brazil and other nations, his interest is “figuring out how to combine these lessons to make the kind of change we really want to see in the world.” By using experiences from several nations influenced by the U.S. gay agenda, he will protect the U.S. global pro-sodomy strategy from criticism that the U.S. government is imposing a U.S. homosexual agenda on other nations.

Yet, if the way told by Berry, homosexual activism in Brazil is an “inspiration,” it was born from other inspiration. When I began to write my book “O Movimento Homossexual” (The Homosexual Movement) in 1995, there was no gay parade or similar blatant homosexual propaganda in Brazil.

My book, which was published in 1998 by the Brazilian branch of Bethany House Publishers, revealed the appalling advance of homosexual activism in the U.S., warning that it would reach Brazil. The reaction was often disbelief. About the cases of persecution of American Christians portrayed in my book, Brazilian readers said that this negative scenery would never happen in Brazil. Some even called me crazy and exaggerated.

Sadly, what I warned eventually happened: under U.S. inspiration, in a short time Brazil advanced fast in the gay agenda. And now the advance of this imported ideology will be used by the U.S. homosexual envoy to say to the world: “Hey, our advocacy of the gay ideology is not U.S. cultural imperialism. Brazil is also doing the same thing and we are just copying Brazil!”

My book exposed that in 1990, the Ford Foundation gave over 100,000 dollars to several Brazilian groups fighting AIDS and “discrimination.” The Atobá Gay Liberation Movement, in Rio de Janeiro, received 40,000 dollars. Besides, Brazilian homosexual activists were invited, with all paid expenses, to spend time in the U.S. to get training. Some of them eventually worked in the Brazilian diplomacy in the UN, which helps to explain why Brazil, in the homosexual issues, always side with the U.S. and never with the Vatican and Russia, which do not promote the gay agenda.

The Brazilian homosexual newspaper Lado Bi interviewed Randy Berry and asked him: “In spite of all Russian initiatives against LGBT population, there seems to have no reprisals against Russia. Do you have plans to promote egalitarian civil rights there?”

Berry answered: “Yes, we are concerned about guaranteeing everybody’s right to express freely.” His answer about Russia was largely evasive. Actually, he did not need to talk much. While he was saying this in Brazil, Obama was accusing, according to Reuters, “President Vladimir Putin of wrecking Russia’s economy in a doomed drive to recreate the glories of the Soviet empire.”

According to Rev. Scott Lively, “Obama orchestrated Ukraine coup to re-start Cold War and prevent Russia from leading global revolt against LGBT agenda.” Before the Ukraine coup, the U.S. big media and government were attacking Russia relentlessly because of a Russian law banning homosexual propaganda to children. In fact, immediately before this U.S.-orchestrated coup, Decision, a major evangelical magazine published by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, had Putin and his anti-sodomy law in a remarkable cover story by Franklin Graham.

With the Ukraine coup, Marxist Obama is free to attack Russia allegedly “just because of the Ukrainian crisis,” to wreck Russia’s economy with sanctions and blame it in supposed efforts to recreate the Soviet empire. According to Lively, even GOP Establishment Neo-Cons are united with Obama in these attacks.

This perverse union is very similar to the same union last year of U.S. feminists, abortion advocates, homosexual activists, leftists and neo-cons like Cliff Kincaid who attacked, inspired by a U.S. ultranationalism joining left-wingers and right-wingers, an international pro-family event in Moscow, Russia.

Finishing his evasive answer on Russia, Berry said, “From the moment people recognize LGBTs are humans like them, very powerful changes began to happen.” Possible translation: When Russia stop banning homosexual propaganda to children, very powerful changes will happen: no sanctions to wreck Russia’s economy, no accusation that Putin is recreating the Soviet empire and, yes, if Russia wants to annex the whole Ukraine to impose the homosexual agenda, the U.S. and European Union will give full support. After all, pro-sodomy propagandists are entitled to do what no one else can.

Yet, this right does not work in every case. Saudi Arabia freely tortures and murders homosexuals, and Berry and his government never talk about condemning and imposing sanctions on this radical Islamic nation, because Saudis keep their money in U.S. banks. So the U.S. ultimately decides how and when a nation deserves sanctions and condemnation for alleged human rights violations.

While the homosexual rainbow flag is flying, by Berry’s wish, just by the U.S. flag in the U.S. Consulate in Rio this week, he will follow his homosexual mission, which is an essential part of the U.S. foreign policy agenda, of imposing the homosexual agenda around the world.
Hey, this is not U.S. imperialism! It’s just the U.S. implementing an inspiration it received from Brazil and other nations…

With information of Brazilian and international news agencies.

Portuguese version of this article: Embaixador homossexual dos EUA quer o Brasil em nova coalizão pró-sodomia internacional para desviar acusações de “imperialismo cultural” dos EUA