Eurovision: the humiliation of Eastern Europe and sodomy

"European values”

Although Eurovision declares that it has an apolitical nature, it in fact promotes the official line of the Brussels bureaucracy. Hence this year’s Ukrainian performance featuring the song “1944”, which bemoans the Crimean Tatar people’s deportation by the Bolsheviks. In addition, it has been forbidden to bring any flags from ISIS, Crimea, the Donetsk People’s Republic, Palestine, and other states which are controversial in regards to EU politics.

Promoting sodomy and other perversions

Traditionally, Eurovision is associated with the promotion of sodomy and other perversions. A landmark event was the victory of the Austrian artist Thomas Neuwirth in 2014. He appeared on stage in a woman's dress and with a beard under the pseudonym Conchita Wurst. This year there are many open sodomites among the singers who openly promote their perverted sexuality.

Target: Eastern Europe and the former USSR

It is important to note that the main television audience of the competition is from Eastern Europe, and especially the republics of the former USSR. Attitudes towards Eurovision in these countries differ strongly from how the competition is seen in Western Europe. Countries like France and Germany believe this event is a second-rate competition among pop singers, and that first class stars will never be sent to Eurovision. In Eastern Europe, however, this event is considered to be the most important competition in contemporary music. States such as Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, and Romania usually send their most prominent pop performers to participate.