Can We Trust the WHO?


WHOThe most influential organization in the world with nominal responsibility for global health and epidemic issues is the United Nations’ World Health Organization, WHO, based in Geneva.

From Wuhan to Washington State with ‘love’


America's Patient Zero as far as the corona virus is concerned, first arrived in Ilana Mercer's home state, Washington, on January 15, from where the virus spread due to bureacratic rules about testing and the lack of an early response.

The Western World Is Unprepared for the Virus


A Virologist of much experience who led a US team studying the SARS virus has explained how unprepared public authorities in the West are for coronavirus

Open letter to the Belgian Prime Minister and to my fellow citizens

5G and the Coronavirus


When a momentous event occurs, people weigh in. One person says, ‘X is the cause.’ Another says, ‘No, Y is the cause.’ Is it possible that X and Y are both causing the event? Of course.