The Epstein Mystery


I appreciate my readers’ confidence in me.  However, I cannot clear up the Epstein matter for you.  Perhaps I can help you to think about it in a careful way.

Killing Julian Assange Slowly


Since April 11 when unlawfully dragged from Ecuador’s London embassy to captivity, Assange has languished under draconian conditions in a UK dungeon at the behest of the Trump regime, wanting him tried in the US for the “crime” of truth-telling jo

US Withdrawal from INF Raises Nuclear War Risks


Washington’s decision to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty and Russia’s decision to suspend its participation in the treaty have put the nuclear threat at its highest since the Cuban missile crisis, former Energy Sec

Trump consolidates power and gets rid of enemies


On the eve of the presidential election of 2020, the current US leader Donald Trump is strengthening his position in the American establishment, and he finally got the opportunity to actually begin to fulfill one of his main campaign promises - to