America’s Own Color Revolution


Color Revolution is the term used to describe a series of remarkably effective CIA-led regime change operations using techniques developed by the RAND Corporation, “democracy” NGOs and other groups since the 1980’s.

What defunding the police really means


A black American is a thousand times more likely to be killed by another black American than by a police officer of any race. This sad fact has not stopped calls in the US for defunding the police.

Trump targets Antifa to stop ongoing race riots


US President Donald Trump announced on Sunday evening that the government would declare extreme leftist Antifa a terrorist organisation. This was announced by the Republican on the short message service Twitter.

Russian trace in US Riots?


Protests in the US that began last week continue. American media report that President Donald Trump and his family hid in a bunker. While the protesters were smashing the shops, the populists “found” a “Russian trace” in protests and violence

US State Department named price for ISIS chief propagandist


The US is  ready to issue an award of $ 3 million for data on the main propagandist of the ISIS terrorist group. According to the US authorities, Abu Bakr al-Gharib is one of the oldest and most senior members and oversees media streams.